American Horror Story who? Travel Channel has picked up a new show that will be hosted by the one and only Robert Englund of Nightmare on Elm Street fame. The show, titled Shadows of History, will explore creepy stories of America’s past. Travel Channel has picked up six episodes of the show where Englund will delve into creepy historical events that were initially printed in newspapers. With the help of archivists and historians, he’ll try to decode the truth behind these strange accounts.


Jane Latman, Travel Channel GM, said in an exclusive with the Hollywood Reporter:

How can you make fascinating and petrifying stories even more scary? Add the genius of Robert Englund. As if tales of flying monsters, zombie cannibals and ghost ships were not enough, we are cranking up the volume for maximum impact. And our fans are going to go nuts for this legendary actor.

From Latman’s quote, it seems like these creepy stories of the past will deal with cryptids and stories that would seem like something from the National Enquirer. These strange stories, paired with Englund’s newfound travel show personality, sound like just what I, and many horror fans, want from a travel show.

Recently, Travel Channel has been leaning into weird and creepy content with shows such as Ghost Adventures, Expedition: Unknown, and Most Haunted. Many of these shows, especially Ghost Adventures, are mostly meme opportunities, but they still rake in the viewers. While these previous shows lean more into ghost-hunting than actual travel, Englund’s new show seems like a perfect combination of the scary and travel. Spooky tourism is one of the reasons I travel, so it makes sense that it would resonate so well with audiences.

Shadows of History is expected to premiere later this year, but there’s no set release date yet. We’ll be sure to share more news about the show as we hear it. Will you be watching the show when it premieres? What do you think of Englund’s foray into travel show hosting?


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