Netflix is a sanctuary for film lovers who can’t afford frequent trips to the cinema. Rather than breaking your bank to watch a single movie with a noisy crowd and eat a little bit of popcorn, you can grab that tub of ice cream from your freezer, plant your bottom on the couch, and enjoy as many films as you want from the silent comfort of your own home. Sounds lovely, right?

There are too many horror movie choices to count, but we’ve narrowed our list down to 10 of the absolute best that the streaming site has to offer. Honorable mentions go to masterful films such a A Dark Song, Green Room, and Train To Busan – each of which should be watched even though they didn’t quite make our list!



The Ritual (2018)


10 of the Best Horror Films Streaming Right Now on Netflix

To say that The Ritual is the scariest movie set in the woods since The Blair Witch Project is an oversimplification for how effective this film genuinely is. Bolstered by a riveting performance from Rafe Spall, this British horror flick leans into atmosphere and its examination of the mental effects caused by grief and regret. It’s terrifying, especially once the physical monster is revealed, but the film’s attention to character successfully grounds this creature feature in humanity.


Emelie (2016)


Should you choose to stay home and watch Netflix instead of employing a babysitter to look after your children, Emelie will make you damn glad that you did. There are few tensions as fierce as the one brought on when children are in danger, and director Michael Thelin expertly sustains that pulse-pounding anxiety for the entire length of the film. Sarah Bolger is unforgettable as the psychotic babysitter- a role that will no doubt evoke fear next time you leave your kids in someone else’s care.


The Devil’s Candy (2017)

devil's candy ethan embry

Rolling with anxiety-inducing horror films about endangered children, Sean Byrne’s belated second feature is as tense as anything we’ve ever seen. Ethan Embry gives the performance of his career as an artist and father who is trying to protect his family from a man who hears the voice of Satan, and Pruitt Taylor Vince is equally stellar as his frightening counterpart. The Devil’s Candy sucks you into its hell with dreadfully dark atmosphere and never once lets you breathe.


Cam (2018)

cam movie

Playing like an extended episode of Black Mirror, Cam makes effective use of its premise to showcase the dangers of life on the internet while simultaneously exploring our egos and obsession with popularity in the age of social media, as well as exposing the vile and toxic nature of men online. In a dual role, Madeline Brewer turns in one of 2018’s most brilliant performances as a capable character who accurately depicts the strength and wit of women when far too many horror films render them as damsels in distress. It’s thought-provoking, sex-positive, and fantastic.


Boys in the Trees (2016)

boys in the trees horror streaming netflix

By horror standards, Boys in the Trees is mild in the fear department. It’s much more family-friendly than the other films on this list. With that said, it’s also one of the best. This is a spooky coming-of-age fairy tale set on Halloween night that revels in the aesthetic of the holiday and delivers immensely with its emotional payoff. If you want to skip our other choices and watch this ten times instead, we’ll understand.


The Endless (2017)

the endless moorhead benson review

Few filmmakers are capable of nailing genre hybrids the way that Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead do, and their third feature film is no exception. Following two brothers who return to their former UFO death cult for a visit, The Endless basks in strangeness, milking every eerie scare and uncomfortable laugh out of the premise. You’ve never seen anything like The Endless, and in an era where originality is frequently called into question, that’s one of the highest compliments a film can receive.


Apostle (2018)


Gareth Evans directed a horror movie, and if you’ve seen The Raid films, you shouldn’t need much more convincing to watch Apostle than that. Unlike those movies, Apostle takes its time before ramping up the action, but when it does, Evans delivers highly stylized insanity, blood-soaked brutality, and hellish horror imagery that you will never forget. You may not be hearing much talk about it, but make no mistake, it’s one of 2018’s best horror offerings.


The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016)


Netflix just added The Autopsy of Jane Doe in the closing days of December, so now you have the opportunity to kick off the new year in seriously spooky fashion. There are few bigger names in horror than Stephen King- if there are any at all- and even he has raved about how scary this film is. Turn off the lights and make tonight a nightmare night.


The Conjuring (2013)

the conjuring best movies on netflix

Between the Insidious and Conjuring universes, James Wan has practically owned horror throughout the decade. While he may be off directing hit superhero films now, it’s impossible to overlook his mark on our beloved genre. The Conjuring sees Wan at his best, delivering old-school scares in twisty, new ways without skimping on character development and heart. With Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga at the center of The Conjuring and its sequel, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more appealing mainstream horror film.


The Witch (2016)

10 of the Best Horror Films Streaming Right Now on Netflix

In a decade that’s stacked with incredible horror films, Robert Eggers’ The Witch may be the very best. Loaded with creepy atmosphere, dreariness, and a looming sense of dread, The Witch is a deliberately paced period piece that packs a sadistic punch when the family at its center begins falling apart after a devastating tragedy. While the film may only appeal to the taste of certain viewers, we’re more than comfortable with labeling it a masterpiece. Live deliciously and watch it immediately.


There you have it! 10 of the Best Horror Films Currently Available on Netflix! Not enough selection? Why not try another of our Netflix round-ups: 8 Horror Movies on Netflix You Haven’t Seen and 8 More Horror Movies on Netflix You Haven’t Seen!

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