Well, it’s official. Summer is winding down and school is back in session. With that fact comes all the usual suspects; backpacks, books, paper, pens…and locker rooms. There’s something about a locker room that really encapsulates and condenses the worst parts of the academic experience.

Maybe it’s the vulnerability of being thrust into such an intimate room with a group of peers. Perhaps it’s just the smelly, humid, sweaty scenario that no locker room can avoid. And you can never find a teacher when you actually need one. Whatever it is, we’ve all been there and we’ve all experienced it.  Maybe that’s why so many horror movies choose to utilize it as a place for terror.  Let’s hit the showers and take a look at 10 of the best locker room scenes in horror cinema.

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10. The Ward (2010)

It’s one thing to be committed to a psychiatric facility and then be hunted by a vengeful spirit. But in the shower? Really? Apparently not even this place is off limits to the spirit world.


9. Slaughter High (1986)

slaughter high

It’s a tried and true trope in film for torment to take place in the locker room. Especially the girl’s locker room. What mysteries lie inside? Young, adolescent males are often enticed by the allure of what happens behind that door. This film is no different. However, much like Terror Train or even Happy Death Day, the lead female in this situation has alternative motives and all is not what it seems.  An intriguing opportunity suddenly turns brutal and has consequences for all involved.  Deadly consequences.


8. The Craft (1996)

the craft

There’s no question that Laura Lizzie (played by Christine Taylor) is awful. Rude, snarky, cruel and racist, she’s that classic popular girl that no one really likes. But when Rochelle casts a spell causing Laura to go bald we get that classic shower scene when the girl’s power is realized. Vulnerable and cowering Laura becomes a victim from afar.


7. Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2 (1987)

A-Wop-bop-a-loo-bop-a-lop-bam DEAD!


6. Pieces (1982)

pieces poster

This locker room scene is next level. In order to drown out any sound of his chainsaw weapon of choice (and screams of course), the killer blasts marching band music from the tennis court speakers. Then, slowly and meticulously chasing down his prey, she finds the one unlocked door in the locker room. But of course, he has a chainsaw so, not much of a deterrent. The poor student meets her end in a seriously grisly fashion and is only partially left for others to find.


5. The Faculty (1998)

the faculty

First off, this locker room is huge. And did anyone else’s have one of those giant equipment cages in them? Cause mine sure didn’t. Lucky for Zeke and Casey this one did so they could temporarily contain the infected Stokes. One of the prime things that locker rooms have to offer a horror film is the layout. The tall long lines of lockers offer a hiding place, but also hide what’s lurking around the corner. A maze of metal may offer a temporary respite, but eventually…you’re gonna have to make a break for it.


4. Slumber Party Massacre (1982)

slumber party massacre

Right off the bat we are wading in a classic 80’s locker room scene. Director Amy Holden Jones once addressed this in an interview and talked about how T & A was expected in a Corman film, so she decided to just get it out of the way first. This scene of course leads into the next where Linda, returning to the school to get a book, becomes the target of escaped mass murderer Russ Thorn. After a close encounter with Thorn‘s drill, Linda manages to hide from Thorn briefly after losing him in the locker room. But alas, her trail of blood gives up her location and the door she’s hiding behind is no match for Thorn‘s power tool. I guess the lesson here is…leave the book.

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3. IT (1990)


it 1990

Poor Eddie. He tried to avoid it, he really did. And yet there he was all alone and ripe for the picking for Pennywise. The slow build of the water pressure increasing, the shower heads slowly antagonizing him until Pennywise could make his appearance. The manipulation of the drain and tiles still holds up, and let’s not forget those teeth!


2. A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge (1985)

freddys revenge

The death of Coach Schneider has it all. Equipment used for evil, towel snaps, restrained against his will, naked in the showers while “Freddy” has his way with him. But the real horror in this scene is when it’s revealed that Jesse is wielding the classic glove and not Freddy after all. And that scream…


1. Carrie (1976)


While all of the previous films definitely have horrific locker room scenes, this infamous scene is horror on another level. The torment that Carrie experiences in this locker room is one that even mainstream film viewers are familiar with. The bullying and terror that she experiences, her sheer panic at not understanding what is happening is uncomfortable, awful and heartfelt. It’s also one of the first glimpses we get at Carrie‘s power and sets the stage for all that is to come.


There’s a lot of lessons to be learned from these scenes. Don’t go back for the book. Don’t shower alone. And whatever you do, make sure you leave a door unlocked.  What do you think? What are some locker room scenes that cross your mind when your feet hit those shower tiles?