The 2019 Fantastic Fest descends on Austin Texas Thursday September 19, for 8 days of blood-soaked, bold cinema! Included in this year’s festival lineup is Rian Johnson’s surprisingly political murder mystery Knives Out, Ant Timpson’s bizarre Come To Daddy, Jason Lei Howden’s hyper-violent Guns Akimbo, and (of course) Richard Stanley’s Cage-rage filled H.P. Lovecraft adaptation of Color Out Of Space. And in true Fantastic Fest fashion, genre fans can also take in undiscovered gems including a whole host of Mexican cinema and previously unreleased gore-cut of Tammy and The T-Rex.

Fantastic Fest 2019 takes over on the South Lamar Alamo Drafthouse September 19 – September 28. More info and badges can be found HERE. Below are 5 films that we absolutely cannot wait to see at this year’s festival.



USA, 2019
World Premiere, 92 Min
Director – Joe Begos

In the near future, a new drug called Hype has turned America into a war zone. The addicted are more mutant than human, and they’ve set their sights on assaulting a VFW post in Joe Begos’ star-studded latest.


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VFW marks the second of two movies that Joe Begos will be presenting at Fantastic Fest 2019. His other feature, Bliss, the psychedelic vampire-ific, gonzo-gone-wild film will also be presented in 35mm. Our very own Grant DeArmitt called Bliss a coked-up, black-out, punk-rock, really really LOUD vampire movie.“. You can read his full review HERE. That said, VFW sounds like a star-studded Assault on Precinct 13, jacked-up on Methamphetamine, and we are all-in for that brand of madness.


Canada, 2019
International Premiere, 86 min
Director – Zach Gayne

Societal expectations create a pressure cooker in HOMEWRECKER, a darkly hilarious satire that plays like the best bonkers thriller Lifetime wishes they made.
Homewrecker is the 1 movie we were incredibly sad to have missed at the Fantasia Film Festival earlier this year and we were so happy to see it included in this year’s Fantastic Fest lineup. Long story short: two women in fierce competition with one another escalate their relationship to a deadly level after one imprisons the other in her house…


The Mortuary Collection

USA, 2019
World Premiere, 108 min
Director – Ryan Spindell

A young girl enters a secret room in a mortuary and learns the backstory of the mortician’s favorite deaths in this twisted anthology by Fantastic Fest alum Ryan Spindell.
Uh- Horror Anthology based on creepy stories told by a mortician?? This one seems like a no brainer to us. Horror Anthologies are bite-sized bit of terror, and Ryan Spindell’s short The Babysitter Murders won him the Best Director prize at the 2015 Fantastic Fest so you know he’s a pro at crafting a quick, creepy punch.



USA, 2019
US Premiere, 96 Min
Directors – Justin Benson & Aaron Moorehead

Two paramedics find their world ripped apart when they start encountering deaths linked to the otherworldly effects of a new designer drug called Synchronic.

Hot at the Shop:

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead have had the horror community’s eyes fixed on them after their 2017 culty sci-fi mind-bender The Endless. We’ve been big fans of the directing duo since their genre defying body-horror Spring and we can’t wait to see the madness at the heart of their newest project.


The McPherson Tape: Presented by AGFA + Bleeding Skull!

USA, 1989
World Premiere of Restoration, 63 min
Director – Dean Alito

The world’s first found footage horror movie, newly preserved by AGFA + Bleeding Skull!

6 simple words: World’s. First. Found Footage. Horror. Movie. Need we say more?


Fantastic Fest 2019 takes over on the South Lamar Alamo Drafthouse September 19 – September 28. More info and badges can be found HERE. Will you be in Austin, Texas for Fantastic Fest 2019? What movies are you most looking forward to seeing? Let us know on TwitterReddit, and in the Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook!


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