Some love it, some hate it, but it always arrives on February 14th.

Valentine’s Day is here, and what better way to spend it than with your beloved. But if a romantic candlelit dinner isn’t your thing (or you completely forgot about it and now it’s too late to get a reservation anywhere) why not get cosy on the couch with a scary, gory movie, some popcorn and a delicious cocktail?

We’ve compiled a handy guide of horror movie and alcohol pairings sure to help you have the perfect Valentine’s date-night in.


The Shining and Bloody Mary’s

the shining horror movie cocktails

When you think of The Shining, what do you think of? For me, it is the scene where blood gushes out of the elevator. Thus – Bloody Mary’s to pair. Need I say more? This refreshing drink is made from vodka, tomato juice, and some kind of hot sauce or Worcestershire sauce. Served over ice with a stalk of fresh celery is perfect to get you in the mood for a bloody good time.



Halloween and Pumpkin Floats

popcorn float horror movie cocktails

Halloween isn’t just for fall, and neither are pumpkins – both are great together at any time of the year. February is still pretty cold, so get cosy with your loved one, watch Michael Myers in all of his glorious slasher action and make up a yummy concoction of cream soda, vodka and pumpkin flavoured ice cream.


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A Clockwork Orange and White Russians

white russian horror movie

Ok, ok… I know that A Clockwork Orange may not technically be a horror movie per se, however it does contain a lot of horror elements, so we’re including it in this list. A White Russian is made from vodka, coffee liquer and milk – perfect for when you want to imagine yourself sitting down with your beloved droog enjoying a beverage at the Korova Milk Bar. The film is controversial for many reasons, including its graphic depictions of rape and ‘ultraviolence’, but if you and your significant other enjoy a deeply disturbing flick then this won’t be an issue.



Scream and Popcorn Martinis

A classic 90’s slasher wouldn’t be complete without some popcorn, especially Scream with its iconic opening scene when Casey (Drew Barrymore) forgets all about her Jiffy Pop popping away on the stove as she is being chased by Ghostface. This recipe is a little bit more complicated than the others, but it sure is worth it! A creamy, sweet mix with plenty of vodka and a little bit of popcorn is sure to make you have a scream… get it?

Hot at the Shop:

Hot at the Shop:



Get Out and Long Island Iced Teas

get out horror movie cocktails

Sink into the floor…You certainly will be after a couple of glasses of this classic cocktail! The hypnosis tea scene is probably one of the most memorable in Jordan Peele’s film debut which tells the story of a young black man called Chris Washington, who drives upstate to visit his white girlfriend’s parents for the weekend. But, all is not what it seems and things start to turn pretty weird, pretty fast. A Long Island Iced Tea is made with gin, tequila, vodka, rum and triple sec with a splash of sour mix and cola.

You can find the recipe here, and if you feel like being a little bit fancy, you could serve these in a teacup.


The Slumber Party Massacre and Strawberry Daiquiris

daiquiri strawberry slumber party massacre

If you’re in the mood for a cheesy 80’s throwback and a sweet, fruity delight, we’ve got you covered. The Slumber Party Massacre follows Trish, a high school senior who gets her friends together for a sleepover while her parents are away for the weekend. But unbeknownst to them, a power drill wielding maniac is on the loose in the neighbourhood. A strawberry daiquiri is a simple but scrumptious cocktail that will go hand in hand with watching the bright red (and obviously fake) bloodshed on-screen.



Jaws and Blue Lagoons

jaws horror movie cocktails

Summer isn’t here yet, but you can pretend it is by mixing up this old beachy favourite. Relax and imagine yourself laying down on the sand at Amity Island enjoying a refreshing Blue Lagoon as the sounds of splashing and screaming wash over you. This classic contains vodka, blue curacao and lemonade. Maybe police chief Brody had to mix himself a few of these after defeating the monster shark and paddling back to shore?



However you plan to spend your Valentine’s Day this year, make it a bloody good one, and don’t forget to spread the love!

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