Anyone who has known me for more than two seconds knows I am a HUGE fan of 80’s horror. While that decade may not contain all of horror’s best,  it was crammed full of classics. I was born in the late 70’s, so the horror movies of the 80’s were my gateway drug into horror. I gobbled up everything I could find. Scanning the shelves of the video store for the weirdest, spookiest and most bizarre VHS tape cover art was how we found our evening’s entertainment.

In Search of Darkness is a documentary that takes a deep look into the phenomenon of horror in the 1980’s. The focus is largely on the culture horror created, bolstered and reacted to. The 80’s were a weird time of rampant drug use, high violence and, somehow, deeply conservative social movements. This clash was felt very starkly in the punk movement, skater culture and, of course, horror fandom.

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In Search of Darkness aims to dig down to the root of the matter and really take a hard look at everything from VHS cover art to talk shows and pundits. As the official synopsis says, “Hysteria over AIDS transplanted body horror from the hospital onto our screens, while “Gordon Gecko” levels of excess and fears over rising violent crime met their match in increasingly over-the-top Slasher flicks.”



They also look into the filmmaking of the period too. This was a blossoming time for technology and its impact on film. For the first time ever, filmmakers were able to use a huge array of tools to bring their art to the screen. The 80’s served, then, as a sort of lab in which filmmakers could experiment with techniques and technology. Sometimes they hit the mark, sometimes they missed comically. Either way, this time of trial and error led us to the world of great visual effects we know and love today.

For the first time in Horror history, “In Search of Darkness” will bring together 80’s icons, modern horror greats, popular YouTubers and Social Media Influencers to create the most complete retrospective documentary of the genre ever made. Together, they will bring their unique perspectives as we take a nostalgic journey back to revisit the unforgettable heroes, monsters, and movies that thrilled and chilled us.


In Search of Darkness is launching a Kickstarter to attempt to distribute the film independently, so watch for that and donate away! Meanwhile, check out the teaser trailer via twitter and let us know what you think on social media land. This teaser has SOO many references, how many can you spot?