A sequel to Searching (2018) has just been announced by team Sony. Very little is currently known about the movie as far as plot, casting, or production but hopefully, it will be in the same style as the original. For those of you who might have missed out on it or need a refresher, Searching was not filmed in the traditional style that we see in most movies. Instead, we viewed the characters through their screens. The story was told through video chats, text/email conversations, and news reports.

Searching told the story of father David Kim (John Cho), who realizes his daughter Margot never arrived home from studying at a friend’s house and quickly reports her missing. He assists a police detective assigned to the case to find out who might have taken her by contacting her Facebook friends and other online contacts to find clues as to where she might be. As mentioned before, all of this is viewed as though watching a screen capture video of the events as they transpire. Whether this sequel will feature David in another similar situation or create new characters is unknown at this time, but we hope for the latter as the plot would quickly become repetitive if the studio is looking to make a whole franchise out of these films.


The original film was directed by Aneesh Chaganty in his feature film debut and was written by him along with Sev Ohanian (My Big Fat Armenian Family). No word on if either of them will return to direct the sequel but based on the quality of the original’s directing and writing, we can hope that they will make a return. Searching 2 has no confirmed production start date, but more information can probably be expected soon.


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