In a surprising turn, A24 Films has purchased spec script Bodies Bodies Bodies from Cat Person author Kristen Roupenian.

The internet is a powerful thing. When things “go viral,” they go viral. But the good (bad?) part is, it’s a digital infection that usually doesn’t last much longer than a week. Remember the dress, and how it was all but dead-and-buried a few days later? Exactly. Well back in December (if you can remember that far back) The New Yorker published a short story from Kristen Roupenian. It was called Cat Person, and it was all the internet could talk about for a short while.


Kristen Roupenian

The story detailed the trials and tribulations of a bad date, told from the perspective of Margot, a twenty-year-old college student. The date in question is a man named Robert, fourteen years her senior. He returns her customer service-fueled flirtation (rather inelegantly) at her movie-theatre job, and the two begin texting. Roupenian cannily details the ever-shifting dynamic that often takes place entirely in one’s own head during relationships. Attracted to him one minute and coming to a sobering realization of mild repulsion the next, she (Margot and Roupenian alike) set the internet ablaze with controversy.

The story shines a light on a topic many internet trolls take umbrage with: fragile masculinity. And take umbrage they did; even inspiring a Twitter account gathering a good chunk of the testosterone-fueled hot takes, Men React to Cat Person.

Nevertheless, no press is bad press, and Roupenian has now sold a genre spec script to indie distributor/production company A24, Variety reports. The script, titled Bodies Bodies Bodies, marks the first spec A24 has ever bought, which already bodes well if they liked it that much. They are, however, keeping mum on specific details; only saying it “infuses a fresh, incisive perspective into the horror genre, mixing together elements of shrewd character study, mystery and deep-seeded scares.” And it looks like they’re eager to get it out there, as they are reportedly fast-tracking it for production.

And so we have yet another A24 genre outing to look forward to in the future. After Sundance hit Hereditary and the recently announced Under the Silver Lake both arriving in June, and then a Chance the Rapper pizza-delivery-driver-werewolf film Slice later this year, we’ll have plenty to keep us satiated until then.