Budget-conscious fans of A24 films can breathe a sigh of relief today, as over fifty A24 titles have been added to public funded streaming service Kanopy.

A24 is the red-hot film production company behind recent cinematic successes such as Spring Breakers (2013), Under The Skin (2014), and The Killing of A Sacred Deer (2017). Previous to now, A24 had their films mostly on Amazon Prime, which was great if you were willing to drop a cool $120 per year on a Prime membershipIf not, you were pretty much out of luck. Now, however, you might be able to catch a few titles FOR FREE.

Kanopy is sort of the opposite of Prime. Where Prime costs actually money, Kanopy only costs the time and effort it takes to get a membership card from your local library, public or academic. The flip side to this, of course, is that your local library must offer Kanopy for you to access it, and not all library networks currently offer the service. You’re also limited with how much you can watch through Kanopy- the standard limitation being five films per month. Your local library may have a different deal worked out though. for example, the San Francisco library system offers eight plays per month while London, Ontario only offers four.

Hot at the Shop:

Hot at the Shop:

That said, five free movies a month is still five free movies a month, and Kanopy offers a wide, eclectic array of films that will fit pretty much anyone’s bill. The addition of over fifty of A24’s films makes for an even more diverse lineup, of course. Horror fans will be particularly keen to know that this means that they can watch The WitchIt Comes At Night, Green Room, Tusk, and Slice for free, among others. The Horror category on Kanopy already had a pretty decent lineup and now with the addition of A24’s catalog it’s gotten even spookier.

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