There’s a huge group of us fiends who anxiously await the next horror film that A24 will acquire for distribution. Why? Because there’s a lot of us who enjoyed the experience of Green Room, The VVitch, Hereditary, and Midsommar. Their brand of psychological horror has been more hit than miss, and no matter what they put out, there’s sure to be a bit of shock included.

According to Deadline, The studio is adding to that repertoire as it has recently acquired Saint Maud. The film premiered during TIFF’s Midnight Madness on September 8th. Saint Maud is written and directed by Rose Glass whose previous credits include the horror short, Room 55, among others.


Saint Maud tells the tale of Maud (Morfydd Clark), a nurse who has taken on the responsibility of caring for Amanda (Jennifer Ehle), a retired ballet dancer who has fallen gravely ill. Maud’s religious beliefs are a part of her caretaking, and are taken to extreme heights when she comes to believe that she must save Amanda’s soul.

Nightmare on Film Street’s Kimberley Elizabeth caught Saint Maud at its TIFF premiere, and had quite a few promising things to say:

Saint Maud is a constantly eerie film, one that promises to keep you tangled and refuses to satiate your burning questions. Genre fans will come armed with all the possession and psychological thriller knowledge of films that came before it, ready to call Pazuzu and close the case. But every time Saint Maud dares to divulge a taste of the supernatural, she reels us back in with flirting, dangerously bewitching characters we can’t quite crack. So vague. So wonderfully tangled.”

A24’s racking up on the psychological horrors as it also recently acquired two other films that have been receiving praise, The Lighthouse and In Fabric. So let’s sit and wait for the arrival of Saint Maud and A24’s other acquisitions to hit the screen.


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Saint Maud, directed by Rose Glass