Originally Reported by avpgalaxy, a YouTuber by the name of Schizofenic discovered a hidden message in Predator 2: Concrete Jungle (1990). 



This cryptic message appears as the Predator is returning to the slaughterhouse at about 1:16:56 as it’s camouflage malfunctions. Sparks engulf the Predator, and a word written in the sparks appears on it’s wrist. The message? “Marry Me”. Two seconds later at 1:16:58 another word appears, “Poynter.”


Schizofenic dug a little bit deeper and discovered the “Sparks Animator” credited for the film is someone by the name of Donald Poynter. It’s speculated that Poynter inserted the message as a proposal to their significant other. Others have speculated that it may have been a joke implying that the Predator was proposing to Poynter. Most likely, though, the “Poynter” message is the signature with “marry me” being the true message.

Either way it’s a very cute message hidden in a horror cult classic. More impressive is the fact that this message was not discovered for almost 30 years! Even more impressive is the following that this film has despite it’s predecessor being the more successful of the two!

Check out the video down below to see Schizofenic’s original video.

Predator 2 stars Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon) as a detective who must investigate some gang slayings in a dystopian Los Angeles. His investigation leads him right into the hunting field of a reptilian Predator.

Los Angeles is enduring a heat wave and a crime wave, so the pressure on police officer Michael Harrigan (Danny Glover) to solve a strange string of murders is mounting. Harrigan thinks the culprit can be found among the warring gangs and drug cartels, but FBI Special Agent Peter Keyes (Gary Busey) knows the horrible truth: Their killer is a fearsome extraterrestrial (Kevin Peter Hall) with keen hunting abilities that include superior night vision and the power to make itself invisible.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out this classic, you’ll have something to look out for when you do! What do you think of this hidden message? Do you have another interpretation or more information? Let us know on Twiiter, Instagram, Reddit, or on the Horror Fiends of Nightmare on Film Street Facebook group!