Stephen King adaptations have taken movie theaters by storm and it looks like the hysteria is not going to die down anytime soon. With the reboot of Pet Semetary (2019) released earlier this year and It: Chapter 2 (2019) & Doctor Sleep (2019) coming very soon, Stephen King is still very much on everyone’s mind. That is not even including the projects that are in production like The Stand, Salem’s Lot, and The Long Walk. If rewatching some of your favorites on your television isn’t cutting it anymore then you are in luck because Alamo Drafthouse is screening some of your favorite King films this summer. 

Starting in July and continuing all the way through the release of It: Chapter 2 (2019), Alamo Drafthouse will be showing Stephen King films and quite fitting calling it a “King-Sized Summer”. It will start off in Austin with their Terror Tuesdays programming and then spread to their other locations nationwide in August with the screenings of four films- Creepshow (1982), The Running Man (1987), Stand by Me (1986) and the celebrated King directed film, Maximum Overdrive (1986). There will also be select screenings of other favorites like Carrie (1976), Pet Semetary (1989), The Green Mile (1999) and The Mist (2007).


Sarah Pitre, senior director of programming and promotions for Alamo Drafthouse stated:

“We’re crazy with anticipation for It: Chapter 2 so to ease the wait, we’re revisiting some of our favorite Stephen King adaptations. These screenings will provide a chilling countdown to the final chapter of one of his most beloved works of fiction. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to build up our fear tolerance before we’re scared out of our minds by It: Chapter Two.”

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