Movies that perform well at the box office are a near guarantee for sequels. While Alex Garland’s Annihilation has not lit up the charts, only earning $42.9 million on a $40 million production budget, the movie has garnered a strong following and critical acclaim. In addition, the film is based on the first book of Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy. While conditions seems perfect for at least two more films, Garland has made clear he wants no part in it.

In a recent interview with IndieWire, the novelist turned director had this to say about adapting the other books in VanderMeer’s trilogy: “I’ve got no objection to someone else doing that, but I’m not interested in the idea of a sequel. I feel like we made this movie and this is the movie we made”.

Garland elaborated on his views of sequels:

When the thing is done, I am done with it. I instantly start moving on, so I don’t even have an opinion on an Annihilation sequel. All the way through I was clear with everyone, from the studio to the cast, I told everyone that I didn’t really see it as part of a franchise. My goal was to make this film and do the best job I can. I didn’t even conceptualize it as the start of a trilogy. Sequels are just not something I’m interested in doing. It’s like when you don’t like steak, you don’t make the decision not to eat steak, you just don’t eat steak. I just don’t do sequels.

Looking back in film history (specifically horror, obviously), this isn’t a rare view for directors to hold. John Carpenter did not want to bring Michael Myers back after the original Halloween. Wes Craven wanted A Nightmare On Elm Street to be a stand alone story. While both directors would eventually return to their creations, it would seem Alex Garland is satisfied where he left off.

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