Amazon Prime’s LORE is a Historical Haunt

Lore breathes new, undead life into Amazon Prime’s limited selection.

Do you ever wonder where our legends, and tales of the supernatural come from? Have you ever thought about why we are so afraid of the unknown? Are you looking for a good binge-worthy recommendation for the Halloween season? One should look no further than Amazon Prime’s Latest docu-series Lore.


Released on Friday the 13th, I was incredibly overjoyed to sink my teeth into this new series. Not only is it a horror/history buff’s best friend, but it also came with a substantial amount of anticipation from fans of the shows other incarnation. Before it was a show it was a podcast of the same name. Lore is written and narrated by Aaron Mahnke. He also happens to narrate the show as well. Both incarnations of the show revolve around the narrator informing the viewer/listener about the legends surrounding folklore. With colorful vibrancy, and flair for storytelling, Aaron Mahnke brings history alive, as he guides us through asylums, haunted dolls, vampires, and more. We get a glimmer into the dark underbelly of many historical settings that will keep bringing audiences back.

lore tv series amazon

From the first episode, Lore offers a unique vision. While the first episode deals with the well worn myth of the vampire, historical recreation and aesthetic animation shine a new light on the subject. A repeating, but definitely not unwelcome, theme of these episodes is the power of fear and superstition over our ancestors. One can easily see that this is not like most history programs. Foreboding dark atmospheres and sinister frights clearly haunt our past, and our now future with this show.

The second episode shows up the inner workings of a mad man. The creator of the Lobotomy, to be exact. Though, maybe not the spookiest episode of the litter, it definitely makes stomach’s queasy seeing the actors reenact the terrifying procedure and knowing that they actually happened to real people.

Throughout the first few episodes, one thing is clear to the audience. The worst monsters are always the people that fear them. Mahnke’s haunting voice will float through people’s living rooms, and make hairs stand up on end as his words lilt into the night.

lore tv series amazon

As of now Lore only has 6 episodes, with the promise of more to come. Amazon Prime does not have many popular titles to their name, in contrast to Netflix and Hulu which have more than their fair share, this could be the show to finally make Prime a contender with other streaming services with larger content selection. One could also say that this came out at the perfect time. Friday the 13th was in the same month as Halloween, and somehow this show hit the sweet spot between the release of Stephen King’s It and Stranger Things Season 2.

If you find yourself looking for a show that serves up the same Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark creepiness, with maybe a little less reading, I would fully recommend this show. For those who do not have prime, you can get the same goosebumps from listening to the Lore podcast hereHappy viewing!



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