The teaser trailer for the new Amazon Studios Series Lore has premiered, and it’s gorgeously spooky! The series, based on the massively popular podcast of the same name, will premiere all six episodes on October 13th for Amazon Prime Members — so you can get your fix of terrifying true stories just in time for Halloween!

The podcast “Lore” premiered in March 2015 and has since gained a massive following since for it’s haunting take on history. “Lore” combines careful research with creator/host Aaron Menke’s storytelling prowess for a magnificent listening experience. Listening to the series is reminiscent of listening to ghost stories after dark at summer camp, if you counselor was an incredible storyteller with a knack for historical accuracy!  The glimpses into history provided by Menke feels so vivid, it makes the horrors they contain all the more chilling. If the gorgeous animation and haunting images of the teaser are any indication, the series will continue the spellbinding work of the podcast as a series.

Like the podcast, the series will examine true scary stories from around the world, across all eras, and will weave narration from the podcast’s creator, Aaron Menke, with animation, documentary footage, scripted scenes, and music by composer Chad Lawson. It will adapt some of the most popular episodes of the podcast, including true stories of a German werewolf hunt, malevolent hauntings, and a mysterious doll with a mind of its own.

Lore is executive produced by Ben Silverman (The Office), Howard T. Owens (The Biggest Loser), Gale Anne Hurd (The Walking Dead), Brett-Patrick Jenkins (Face Off), Glen Morgan (X-Files), Jon Halperin and Mark Mannucci (A Year in Space), with Aaron Mahnke serving as co-executive producer. Cast for the scripted portions includes Robert Patrick, Colm Feore, Campbell Scott, and Kristin Bauer van Straten.

Check out the teaser for Lore (above) and let us know in the comments if you’re excited for the series!