It seems fans of Bryan Fuller just can’t catch a break. The cult favorite showrunner has seen series after series end early, with fan’s of shows like Pushing Daises and Hannibal left hanging. And now it seems Fuller is once again unable to keep his vision for a series alive. American Gods will be getting a second season, but it will be without creators and showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green.

According to Deadline, Fuller and Green informed the cast of their departure on November 29. No official reason has been given for their leaving, but it’s rumored to be due to a budget dispute.


Deadline reports that the budget Fuller and Green wanted for the next season had grown far beyond what was in place for the first. The series’ production company, FremantleMedia North America, wanted to impose strict budget cuts on the show. This may have led to the departure of Fuller and Green.

American Gods is an adaptation of the acclaimed novel by Neil Gaimen. Fuller and Green were not only the showrunners, but also the creators of the series. The show debuted on Starz this year and was a hit for the network. A second season was greenlit shortly after the series premiere.

While the shakeup has prompted speculation that Neil Gaimen would be brought on as a showrunner, the author denied it. According to Gaimen, he’s focused on his showrunner duties for Amazon’s upcoming Good Omens and would not be joining American Gods as a result.

Season 2 of the series is still expected in mid 2018, with a new showrunner not yet unannounced. Fuller and Green have apparently already written more than half of the second season.

American Gods stars Ian McShane, Ricky Whittle, Emily  Browning, Orlando Jones, Crispin Glover, Gillian Anderson, and Pablo Schreiber. Its stellar cast, smart writing, and imaginative fantasy/horror visuals made it a must see of new TV this year. Let’s hope that its future holds up, even without it’s original showrunners.

AMERICAN GODS Loses Showrunners in Run Up to Season 2