American Horror Story will be adding the lovely Dame Joan Collins to its dynasty of celebrity cast members in the upcoming season!

The show’s creator, Ryan Murphy (Scream Queens, Nip/Tuck), confirmed 83-year old Collins would join the cast currently including series regulars Kathy Bates, (Misery) Sarah Paulson (Ocean’s 8), and Evan Peters (X-Men: Apocalypse). The famous British actress is best known for her iconic role as the scheming Alexis Colby on the television soap opera Dynasty as well as her frightening inability to age. Both more than qualify her for whatever fabulous role the show’s writers have drawn up for her, that’s for sure.


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As per usual, a very tight lid has been kept on the theme and details of the show so far. It has been confirmed that Season 8 of the show, usually appearing on FX, will be streamed on Netflix (a historic $300 million deal for a television producer) at some point in 2018 with no specific date set. He’s expressed the likeliness that this new season will not take place in the past nor present, but rather the “still topical” future. Murphy has also mentioned that he’s entertained the thought of proposing a role Anjelica Huston (The Witches, The Addams Family), an absolutely exceptional choice if ever one was made, but for now nothing on that is solid. The title of Radioactive for the 8th season has been floating around as reports have surfaced claiming American Horror Story: Radioactive is currently trademarked.

A good few months ago, Murphy posted a simple text picture on instagram listing Dante’s 9 Circles of Hell with the corresponding season of American Horror Story. Apparently each circle serves as a theme for each of the particular seasons. Murder House centers around Limbo, Hotel centers around Gluttony, Freak Show centers around Greed, Roanoke centers around anger, Cult centers around Heresy, Asylum centers around Fraud, and Coven centers around Treachery. The two unrepresented and up for grabs as this new season’s theme? Violence and Lust.



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If this news isn’t enough for you, American Horror Story is already confirmed for a 9th season. We’re sure to see it come full circle now. Whether the theme is Lust or Violence, the addition of television royalty like Joan Collins will help make either fiery hot. Dante would be proud.


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