Ryan Murphy has revealed the title of the 9th season of American Horror Story via a video on his Instagram. 1984 is the title, and the video let us know that the theme is – most likely – a slasher one. Finally, after 8 seasons, AHS is going to tread slasher territory!

Previous seasons had bits of slasher tropes in them. Season 2’s Asylum being the closest with the Bloody Face character stalking women for his own twisted pleasures, but he wasn’t the full focus of the season.

What clues can we take away from the short video? We see a hulking figure whose face is covered by hair and a hood chasing a teenager through the woods. She ends up in a cabin, and the figure stabs a knife through the door. Very reminiscent of the Jason Voorhees / Camp Crystal Lake world, yeah? That’s really all that we have to go on. That’s probably all that we’ll have to go on for another few months as the season won’t premiere until September or October.

One may worry that an overstep is being made here as we have been privy to many horror presentations that have been throwbacks to the 80’s. Just to name a few from the last couple of years, there’s The Final Girls, Summer of ’85, Freeform’s Dead of Summer, and Stranger Things. I say, “No worries,” as Murphy has shown us that he can take a horror trope, smash it on its head, and show that new blood can come out of it. Plus, I’m sure there will be a few surprises to throw us off. My hope is that we’re given some intense chase scenes rivaling some of the best in the slasher subgenre, along with some neat cameos from performers of the subgenre.

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AHS SEASON 9 is called…

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American Horror Story: 1984 will star season regular Emma Roberts along with newcomer to the series, Olympic gold medalist, Gus Kenworthy. Sarah Paulson is expected to return, while her long running costar, Evan Peters, recently revealed that he will be sitting this season out.

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