There are few more exciting names in television right now than Bryan Fuller. His psychological thriller Hannibal was one of the best-told, most visually interesting crime shows ever on TV. Then just last year, his adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods brought one of the most magical, challenging novels of the past twenty years to vivid life. In both cases, Fuller proved he could take vast, complex source material and turn it into compelling TV. Now, he has the chance to do it again.

Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles are a series of books probably most well known for Interview with a Vampire. But that novel and Tom Cruise film of the same name are just the beginning of Rice’s expansive vampire lore. Just the tip of the Riceburg, you might say (Haha right? Please don’t fire me). Anne Rice’s vampire saga spans thousands of years and several genealogies. The books have been adapted into three films, several comics, and at least one musical. Now, Paramount TV is bringing the Vampire Chronicles to the small screen, and they’ve put Fuller in the lead.


According to THR, Fuller is working with Rice and her son Chris to develop a pilot for the show. Amy Powell, president of Paramount TV, says she hopes Fuller will stay on as showrunner once the pilot is complete. Powell also hints at the magnitude of the show, calling it “the Vampire Chronicles initiative,” and revealing they’ve bought the rights to eleven of Rice’s books. The project seems to be a massive undertaking, but if there are two people who could do it, it’s Rice & Fuller.

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