That’s right! Applebee’s is offering a Vampire Coctail for $1 AND it comes with your own Set of nice vampire fangs!

This Vampire cocktail is the latest creation in Applebee’s monthly $1 drink specials each having a theme fitting the season. As explained on their original post, the cocktail is made from rum, dragon fruit, passion fruit, and strawberry. It’s a bright purple color and topped with a cherry and a nice set of plastic fangs (not intended for children!).


It’s definitely an interesting flavor profile to choose for the spookiest month of the year. One would expect some variation of pumpkin and spices, but looking at the cocktail itself, there’s no denying it is definitely on theme for October and the spookiest time of the year!

Applebee’s has generated a good amount of buzz surrounding their monthly $1 themed cocktail. Last year, the themed drink for the month of October was a zombie themed cocktail with a gummy brain floating at the top. Interestingly, this cocktail also featured traditionally “summer” tropical flavors and was also rum based. Perhaps the thinking here is a take on tropical fruit punch one would find attached many a halloween party. It will be interesting to see what next month offers and whether we will see more traditional fall flavors.

The Vampire cocktail will be available at participating Applebee’s locations through the month of October, so be sure to head to your neighborhood Applebee’s to try this one out. For only $1, you really can’t go wrong! But remember, even vamps know to drink responsibly!


What do you think of this Vampire cocktail? Will you be giving this one a try, or do you have another spooky cocktail recipe you’ll be drinking? Share it with us on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. And for more freaky fun, keep lurking at Nightmare on Film Street.


Applebee's Offering a Fang-tastic new Vampire Coctail for Only !

Image via Applebee’s, Facebook