The official Facebook page of Terrifier 2 just released an update announcing that the film will be filming this fall and will up the ante in its gratuitous violence, which for fans of the first is a very good thing to hear:

Thank you all very much for your patience! We are thrilled to finally announce that Terrifier 2 is funded and slated to begin filming in the fall of this year! Our production company Dark Age Cinema is producing one again which means the inmates are still running the asylum. We are unchained and unrestricted, so rest assured, Terrifier 2 will be the merciless, no holds barred follow-up you’ve been hoping for. If you thought we pushed the envelope in part 1…you haven’t seen anything yet.

The post then goes on to announce that there will be a small crowdfunding campaign to raise some additional funds to help add to the scale of the film. “Perks will range from social media shout outs to screen worn Art the Clown accessories, to even being killed by the man himself in Terrifier 2! If we reach our goal, the proceeds will go towards the biggest and most mind blowing scene in the script which requires an unprecedented amount of special effects, extras and stunts. Now although I cannot spoil the details of the scene, try to imagine if Art the Clown was in charge of the prom mayhem in Carrie! With your help, we can truly turn this scene into an unforgettable piece of horror cinema. More information to follow as well as the first glimpse of the official Terrifier 2 poster!”


For those of you that have seen the first it might sound hard to up the violence, but from what we see hear, that’s exactly what the sequel is going for. To that I say, bring it on. The first one for sure had moments that made me wince and cringe, so I’m oddly excited to see what type of gory, brutal mayhem Art the Clown is up to this time around. I mean, he cuts a woman in half and eats off another woman’s face in the first, so out of sheer curiosity I want to see how they can top that.

We also have a plot synopsis for the film: “After being resurrected by a sinister entity, Art the Clown returns to Miles County where he must hunt down and destroy a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween night. Pray you don’t get in his way.”

The first film was more of a straight slasher, but from what it sounds like here, there’s going to be a supernatural bend to it, which I’m totally down for. What do you think? Are you excited to see more murderous clown antics? Head on down to our official TwitterReddit, or Facebook group to let us know!