Bruce Campbell announced via Twitter that the next few episodes of Ash vs Evil Dead will be the last. It was also said recently that if the show was cancelled, there probably wouldn’t be another movie either. Sadly, this looks like the end of the line for the Ghost Beaters. Although fans have been loyal to the show, ratings have been low. But in the end, Ash vs Evil Dead took us on a gory ride. And oh what a ride it was.

So far this season has been just as bloody and hilarious as the previous two. It really is too bad the series is coming to an end. In season 2, there was an episode where the Delta was possessed, not unlike a very familiar Plymouth Fury. Fans will no doubt remember that Stephen King helped rescue Evil Dead II after production was brought to a near halt after multiple financing issues. Needless to say, I think that moment was a nod to King. In season 3, the poor Delta is literally sent through hell and back. If the Delta survives anything else, I wonder if Brandy will take the keys. As long as someone keeps the Necronomicon far away from her, she should be safe.


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Ash, portrayed by Bruce Campbell has grown on us even more than before. With the introduction to his daughter Brandy, Arielle Carver-O’neill, there is a more realistic angle to Ash. The fact that he has at least 1 unknown child out there proves that his impulsive do have consequences…other than summoning evil spirits. Her character also brought some teenage drama that was a little different from your typical Evil Dead. Brandy surprisingly ends up fitting right in with her dad’s crew.

Dana DeLorenzo (Kelly) and Ray Santiago (Pablo) were the perfect sidekicks. Kelly was badass but caring. Pablo really grew as a character. Like Ash in Evil Dead, he went from being terrified of the deadites to fully capable of and maybe even excited to fight them. Season 3 is geared up to end in an epic battle but with only 2 episodes left, there are still so many unanswered questions. As this is the end of the show, hopes are high that the next few episodes provide some closure.

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