If you’re a fan of Ash Vs. Evil Dead (and who isn’t?), you tried to order your own “Ashy Slashy” the moment you saw that adorable little chainsaw-wielding psychopath first appear. Good news- the wait is almost over! Thanks to the twisted guys and girls at NECA, the murderous muppet is going to be available for purchase very soon. NECA supplies us with faithful action figures and prop replicas on a regular basis and they have this to say regarding their newest creation:

Every day can be demented play day with your very own Ashy Slashy puppet from Season 2 of Ash vs. Evil Dead! We’ve replicated Ash’s potty-mouthed little doppelganger from the asylum episodes for your (hopefully G-rated) entertainment. This is a working puppet – insert your hand and you can move the mouth, plus the arms are poseable thanks to inner articulation.

The felt-lined foil first appears in the seventh episode of the show. The Ghost Beaters go looking for Ash in an old asylum and deal with a whole host of problems, this guy among them. Ashy Slashy comes complete with plush chainsaw hand, button eyes, and Bruce Campbell-inspired attire. Measuring approximately 15 inches tall, he’ll be the cutest killer in your collection.


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If you’re hoping to have the little guy by Christmas, that’s the bad news. NECA explains that the release date will be sometime in January, so we’ll just barely miss the holiday deadline. Still, the joy of owning a “stunningly handsome” puppet like this one cannot be overstated.

Ashy Slashy will retail for $49.99 not including shipping, available from several different online shops. No word yet on whether there will be any kind of retail release, but Toys ‘R’ us is unlikely. Then again, I do get a lot of my horror action figures there…

Whether you’ve been a fan of Ash since the beginning or just getting into his weird world, this squishy clone will make a great addition to your collection. Here’s a few images of the final product so you can start justifying the purchase.