From the opening second of the new Assassination Nation trailer, I knew I was in. You know how they put specific warnings on the ratings now? This one warns of “disturbing bloody violence, strong sexual material” and “pervasive language – all involving teens.” Well, hell, I’m in!

Assassination Nation is the second directorial effort by Sam Levinson, following his star-studded debut Another Happy Day. There is a seven-year gap between these movies and he’s spent that time working in the absolutely bonkers dark Comedy Assassination Nation. It looks wild, it looks fun and I do love me a good teen slasher picture.


The film’s synopsis is: “This is the thousand percent true story of how the quiet, All-American town of Salem absolutely lost its mind.”  What a perfect summary of the tone of this flick. It invites you to suspend that disbelief, keep your arms and legs inside the compartment at all times and enjoy the ride!

It seems the teens of Salem decided to have the rager to end all ragers. When someone sends info from that party out to the web it starts an avalanche of town secrets so bad the entire town loses it’s mind. The power of privacy and mob mentality lead the town to seek vigilante justice against the girls they feel are responsible. They have one problem: these ladies fight back!



The trailer makes some things quite clear. This movie is going to be unique, well shot (no surprise there, Levinson is the son of the iconic Barry Levinson) and totally bonkers. I love this unique take on the slasher flick. Here, the slasher is the whole damn town! Love that idea and I can’t wait to see how Levinson pulls it off.

Assassination Nation is set for theatrical release September 21st.  Hit us up on social media and share all your fiendish insights!


assassination nation
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