The final trailer for Joker has dropped, giving us another glimpse of the Clown Prince of Crime’s mysterious origin story.

We open with Arthur playing peek-a-boo with a child on the bus before being admonished by his mother. This continues to show the mistreatment that he faced in previous trailer, which will probably contribute his downward spiral from failed comedian to insane supercriminal. We then finally get to hear his laugh, which is an iconic part of the Joker character. Fans of the iconic character may have been concerned about the new interpretation considering the Joker we got in 2016’s Suicide Squad was marginal at best to most, but these concerns are quickly put to rest when that laugh is heard. Joaquin Phoenix (Her) absolutely nails it.

The next scene shows Arthur with his therapist as they talk about his condition. She says that this will be the last time he sees her, but he tells her he’s not getting any better, saying “all I have is negative thoughts”. It appears the movie is going to take a different angle with the character of the Joker, making him a more sympathetic character in his origin story. We have seen this in previous trailers, but this one solidifies that by making us sympathize with him because of his mental illness rather than just the way those around him treat him. After being mocked by a television show host about his stand-up routine on live TV, Arthur finally takes up the mantle of the clown. He’s not the only one in the city, though, as many people are wearing clown masks and taking part in some sort of protest. What these protests might be about or why the general public picked clown masks to wear during them is unclear, but the movement undoubtedly inspired the clown persona for Arthur. At the end of the trailer, we see him backstage at some sort of performance, where he finally picks the name “Joker”.

Joker stars Joaquin Phoenix as the titular character and will be released into theaters October 4, 2019.

Image via Warner Bros, IMDb