Michael Myers has not even finished slashing his way through movie theaters in this year’s Halloween (2018) and Best Buy has announced their exclusive 4K Blu Ray Halloween Steelbook!

Just yesterday Best Buy opened pre-order sales for the upcoming release. Steelbooks are all the rage these days with both new films and old being released in this highly collectible format, and this one is no exception. The cover art is a very minimalist, with only Michael Myers gracing the front with the Halloween logo. Open it up and you’re greeted with Laurie Strode and a revolver pointed straight at your face. Whether or not this is the final artwork remains to be seen, and Blumhouse has yet to confirm the date for physical release, but Best Buy has exhibited a good track record in the past so I’d expect this is to be accurate.


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Aside from the 4K Ultra HD specs there is no other details about the digital contents of the disc. Releases are usually accompanied by a host of special features and behind-the-scenes featurettes of the film’s production. Nothing yet here to note but you can bet your bloody dollar that it’ll be chock full of deleted scenes, cast/crew interviews and other Halloween related goodness.

Halloween has been a phenomenal success at the Box Office raking in aprox $185 Million worldwide. The film, which is a direct sequel to 1978’s Halloween, is already rumored to be sparking its own sequel. One that director David Gordon Green and writer Danny McBride have not only expressed their interest in but already have some ideas for!

If you’ve yet to see the film….WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? The Halloween season may be over but The Shape still stalks the cinema. Will you be picking up the Halloween Steelbook? Let us know what you think over on Twitter and in our Horror Movie Fiend Club group over on Facebook!


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