Best friends are great. Queer best friends are even greater. That’s only an opinion, and is no way biased, at all. Okay, maybe a little biased.

Need some convincing, though? How about taking a look at some of the best queer friends in horror! Those who will follow in the list were some of the best of the best. They stood by their friends, fought with and for their friends, and all went beyond the distance to make sure that their friends survived the horrific ordeals that they encountered.


10. JosefinAlena (2015)

Josefin (Rebecka Nyman) is Alena’s (Amalia Holm) ride or die. When Alena begins to be tormented by bullies at her new school, Josefin is there to show these bullies are thing or two about messing with her best friend. As the film progresses, it’s not just the bullies that Josefin sets her sights on. As things get romantic between Alena and her new friend, Fabienne (Felice Jankell), Josefin’s jealousy reveals a deeper motive. Okay, maybe she’s a really bad good best friend because things go south pretty quickly. This is why you’re at #10, Josefin.


9. MitchParanorman (2012)

Mitch’s (Casey Affleck) sexuality wasn’t revealed until the end of the film in a comedic line to thwart Courtney’s (Anna Kendrick) unrelenting pursuit of him. Nothing stopped him from aiding Norman (Kodi Smit-Mcphee) and his own little brother, Neil (Tucker Albrizzi), from running from the undead, or having his prized van totaled in the process.


8. Cameron & EmmaYou’re Killing Me (2015)

Cameron (Drew Droege) and Emma (Edi Patterson) didn’t have to stick around after they discovered that their friend’s new beau is a serial killer. Heck, they weren’t even close friends with them, but damn it, if they didn’t stick around to try and help dispose of the possibly dead killer. Wait, just kidding, they stuck around because they knew they were accomplices in the possible murder of said possible a serial killer. But still, they stuck around until the end … until they ran far away. But you know what, I’d love to be their friend for the sole fact that they were willing to stick around, and also for the fact that they were witty as heck.


7. DavidBride of Chucky (1998)

David (Gordon Michael Woolvett) was the first obvious queer character in the Child’s Play franchise, and he was a pretty dedicated friend to Jade (Katherine Heigl). He stepped in to help her and her boyfriend, Jesse (Nick Stabile), after they ran away, eloped, and began to believe that the other was doing the murdering that was happening around them. One can’t really fault him for changing his opinion on his friend once he finds the body of her dead uncle (John Ritter) in their van. Unfortunately, his change of opinion gave Chucky (Brad Dourif) and Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) the opportunity to reveal themselves which led to David walking backwards into oncoming traffic. That didn’t end well.


6. JennaZ (2020)

Jenna (Sara Canning) isn’t just a sister to Elizabeth (Keegan Connor Tracy), she’s a best friend. When Elizabeth’s son’s, Joshua (Jett Klyne), imaginary friend begins to pose a threat to the family, Jenna steps in to make sure that her nephew and sister are protected. Her own life isn’t so swell what with a separation from her previous girlfriend and the grieving of the death of Elizabeth’s and her mother, but none of that stops her from ultimately becoming the caretaker.


5. RichieIt Chapter Two (2019)

Richie (Bill Hader) is 1/6th of the Los(v)er’s Club. It isn’t until Andy Muschietti’s It Chapter Two that Richie’s sexuality and his love for Eddie (James Ransone) is revealed. Richie’s sexuality isn’t revealed to the other members of the Loser’s Club, but the threat of Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård) revealing that hidden sexuality didn’t stop him from banding together with his friends to stop Pennywise.


4. ByronTammy and the T-Rex (1994)

Byron (Theo Forsett) was Tammy’s (Denise Richards) absolute ride or die. When she said that Michael (Paul Walker) was now an animatronic T-Rex, he was there. When she said she’d still love Michael, Byron was there. When he actually witnessed Michael as the T-Rex, he was still there. He also dealt with racism and homophobia from the local townspeople. Was Tammy there for him for that? The film didn’t focus on this (because early 90s comedy) as it could and should have, but the two were undeniably close.


3. BexAssassination Nation (2018)


Bex (Hari Nef) is one of the four girls at the center of Assassination Nation’s story. She experiences horrid hate based on the fact that she is transgender. The four girls band together to fight for each other’s rights, safety, and lives at the end of the film when their town goes apeshit against social issues that should matter. I pinpoint Bex not just for being queer, but because the character has to deal with a lot throughout the film, and comes out strong and loud. She’s an inspiration.


2. ClaraGood Manners (2017)

good manners werewolf film review

Clara (Isabel Zuae) entered Ana’s (Marjorie Estiano) life as an assistant, of sorts, but ended up becoming the best thing that ever happened in Ana’s life. Throughout Ana’s pregnancy, their feels for each other grew, and ended up more than actual friends. They ended up lovers. Unfortunately, Ana’s life was cut short by – spoiler that shall not be mentioned – and Clara took in Ana’s “cause of death”, and loved that cause as her own. Good Manners is a incredible example of the most unsuspecting person coming into your life, and making your life better for it, even after your life has ended.


1. WillowBuffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003)

We’re stepping outside of the cinematic realm, and into the realm of television. But I couldn’t make this list without including Willow (Alyson Hannigan). The relationship between Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Willow is a prime example of two best friends going through so many different changes. Willow was a constant supporter for the rest of the gang. One of them need a shoulder to lean on? She was there. One of them doing something incredibly stupid? She was there to let them know. She experienced the “big bad” treatment in season six, but her friends knew that she was too good of a soul to lose so they fought for her. And how could we forget that Willow has some of the best reads of the entire series?

Send some love to your queer friends. Send love to all of your friends. This world is going through some horrid times, and there are many people who need to be lifted up. Let us know who your favorite queer friends in horror are over on our Twitter, reddit, Instagram, and on The Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook!