Good news everybody! Chris Peckover, director of the incredible and highly underrated Better Watch Out (2017) has a new movie in the works entitled Limbo, being brought to us by Miramax, Snoot Entertainment, and Barnyard Pictures. According to Deadline Limbo tells the terrifying story of a young mother whose body becomes possessed by something evil, rendering her a disembodied spirt and a ghost in her own house. As this demonic double takes over her life and threatens to harm her family, she must find a way to protect her loved ones while also finding a way back to her body before it’s too late”.

“We are witnessing a renaissance of quality horror films at the moment,” exclaimed Miramax’s Bill Block. “It’s a genre that continues to captivate global audiences. Having a smart script with a big idea and some fierce partners in Tim Palen, Snoot Entertainment and a fresh voice in Chris Peckover – LIMBO is something we’re really excited about.”


From the description alone It’s obvious that Peckover is continuing his streak of flipping genre films on their head. We’ve seen ghost movies before, and we’ve seen possession movies before, but I don’t think we’ve ever gotten a ghost versus their demonically possessed body before. That just sounds like straight-up fun for the whole family.

The main reason I’m so excited for it right now though is because it gives me the perfect opportunity to fawn over Peckover’s masterpiece (yes I said masterpiece) Better Watch Out. When I first watched it I had no idea what I was in for. When it was over, I wanted to share it with everybody I could. It was such a unique and clever twist on the home invasion genre and- well, not to spoil too much, it flips the formula of the Christmas classic Home Alone (1990) on its head. Oh, by the way, it’s a Christmas movie! Who doesn’t love a good Christmas horror movie?

Production of the film is slated to start in January of next year. Are you interested in taking a trip to Limbo? Head on down to the official Nightmare on Film Street Twitter, The Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook, and our Subreddit to let us know!


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