David Cronenberg is one of horror’s most celebrated filmmakers and easily the face of the entire body-horror subgenre. His work in film has spanned 4 decades, multiple genres, and inspired countless other directors. His cult classic Rabid is currently being remade by fellow Canadians Jen and Sylvia Soska, and promises to bring Cronenberg’s unique vision of terror to a new generation.

Beyond Fest recently announced their first-wave films and have now unveiled a retrospective fit for a Fiend. The Cronenberg on Cronenberg: A Retrospective of The New Flesh will present 13 of Cronenbergs films on 35mm. Included among them are Videodrome, The Fly, History of Violence, ScannersThe Brood, and Rabid. Cronenberg will be in attendance for several films, joined by composer and frequent collaborator Howard Shore, as well as actresses Geena Davis, Debbie Harry, and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Tickets for Beyond Fest are on sale now, and the full 2018 lineup will be announced September 11, 2018.




From The Press Release:

Los Angeles, CA – Wednesday, August 28, 2018 – Beyond Fest, the highest-attended genre film festival in the US, is excited to announce Cronenberg with Cronenberg: A Retrospective of the New Flesh, an exhaustive,13-film celebration of the legendary auteur’s career. Returning to Los Angeles for the first time in a decade, David Cronenberg will be in attendance for three, special event screenings at the legendary Egyptian Theatre where he will be joined by actors, collaborators, and guest moderators.

Co-presented by Telefilm Canada, the American Cinematheque’s partner for the annual Canada Now film festival, and with the support of the Consulate General of Canada, Cronenberg on Cronenberg opens on Saturday, September 29th with The Shaping of Rage, an all-day marathon of David Cronenberg’s early films, SHIVERS, RABID, THE BROOD, and SCANNERS, presented sequentially and on 35mm. That evening, Cronenberg will be joined by long-time collaborator Howard Shore for a 30th anniversary screening of DEAD RINGERS with director Mick Garris moderating a post screening Q&A.

A spotlight shines on giant bugs on Sunday, September 30th with a double bill of THE FLY and NAKED LUNCH where Cronenberg will be joined with THE FLY’s Geena Davis, and the composer of both films, Howard Shore.

Cronenberg’s groundbreaking approach to the distorted world of virtual reality is examined on Monday, October 1st with a double bill of VIDEODROME and EXISTENZ. Cronenberg will be joined in person by composer Howard Shore and his two lead actresses, Debbie Harry and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Director Leigh Whannell will moderate the Q&A between films.

“David Cronenberg has been a visionary master of the art of cinema for over four decades. Screening these iconic films here in LA with his collaborators and partners is an absolute dream. Unless Kubrick is in hiding we will probably quit after this.” said Beyond Fest Co-Founder, Christian Parkes.

In addition to the screening events at the Egyptian Theatre, there are two double bills at the Aero Theatre: A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE & EASTERN PROMISES and CRASH & SPIDER. All 13 films screened during Cronenberg with Cronenberg: A Retrospective of the New Flesh will be on 35mm film.


To commemorate Cronenberg’s presence at Beyond Fest, renowned artist Alan Hynes has created an exclusive print and industry-leading collectibles brand, Mondo, have created a series of Cronenberg-related products that will be exclusively available at the festival.

Tickets for Cronenberg with Cronenberg: A Retrospective of the New Flesh will be made available for purchase through Fandango and the American Cinematheque at 10AM Saturday, September 1st.

The remaining slate for Beyond Fest 2018 will be announced shortly.




Director: David Cronenberg
Country: Canada
Runtime: 87 min.
Year: 1976

Director: David Cronenberg
Country: Canada / USA
Runtime: 91 min.
Year: 1977

Director: David Cronenberg
Country: Canada
Runtime: 92 min.
Year: 1979

Director: David Cronenberg
Country: Canada
Runtime: 103 min.
Year: 1981

Director: David Cronenberg
Country: USA
Runtime: 102 min.
Year: 2017
GUESTS: David Cronenberg, Howard Shore

Director: David Cronenberg
Country: USA / UK / Canada
Runtime: 96 min.
Year: 1986
GUESTS: David Cronenberg, Howard Shore, Geena Davis

Director: David Cronenberg
Country: Canada / UK / Japan
Runtime: 115 min.
Year: 1991
GUESTS: David Cronenberg, Howard Shore, (Geena Davis)

Director: David Cronenberg
Country: Canada
Runtime: 87 min.
Year: 1983
GUESTS: David Cronenberg, Howard Shore, Debbie Harry (Jennifer Jason Leigh)


Director: David Cronenberg
Country: Canada / UK / France
Runtime: 97 min.
Year: 1999
GUESTS: David Cronenberg, Howard Shore, Jennifer Jason Leigh (Debbie Harry)


Director: David Cronenberg
Country: USA / Germany / Canada
Runtime: 96 min.
Year: 2005

Director: David Cronenberg
Country: UK / Canada / USA
Runtime: 101 min.
Year: 2007

Director: David Cronenberg
Country: Canada / UK / France
Runtime: 98 min.
Year: 2002

Director: David Cronenberg
Country: Canada / UK
Runtime: 100 min.
Year: 1996


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Will you be attending Beyond Fest this year? What is your favourite David Cronenberg film?


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