You’re stuffed from the turkey and mashed potatoes. You’ve had it with the excessive noise that comes from a house full of goblins and ogres (AKA: the family). You’re thinking of watching a Thanksgiving themed horror delight. (May I suggest Blood Rage, Kristy, or the Buffy episode, Pangs?) Before you turn on that Thanksgiving spooky ooky ooky, why not check out some of your favorite horror store Black Friday sales? Cause they’re happening, and they’re saving you some moneys!


Head over to Cavity Colors for their Cyber Hell Sale! Deemed as their biggest sale of the year, you can score between 35-75% off the entire stock plus receive free shipping on U.S. orders only! The sale starts at 5PM EST on the Day of the Turkey. Also beginning at 5PM, an exclusive The Prowler tee design and an exclusive Jack Skellington pin will be available!


Fright-Rags’s Black Friday Sale begins at exactly 12:01AM EST Friday with specially priced $6 pins, $12 – $15 tees, and heckuva lot more stuff featuring designs from all the best movies!


Do you see the glory that is Middle of Beyond‘s Christmas sweaters? They’re freaking glorious. Those and their entire site which includes ornaments (check out the Krampus ornament), scarves, blankets, and more will be 30% off for Black Friday!


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Bring Arwen home this Christmas! A limited amount of official “Arwen” plush dolls will be available starting Friday at 12:01am PST exclusively on as part of our annual Black Friday sale! All of the details about the plush “Arwen” dolls and the annual Black Friday sale are in the NEWS section of (link in my profile). Any questions you have are answered there! These are going to sell out wicked fast so please, please, please don’t be a dick and try to buy them up just to spin them on eBay. There are children who have been asking Santa Claus and/or their parents for an “Arwen” doll this Christmas ever since we posted the first teaser image and announced they were coming two months ago. So if I see any on eBay after they sell out I’ll find you and send Victor Crowley down your chimney on Christmas morning to drown you with a child’s tears! ? Good luck to everyone who tries to get one on Friday morning! Treat her well, feed her all of the spaghetti, and whatever you do- don’t call her “Sophie!” Happy Thanksgiving! #ariescope #arwen #blackfriday #themoviecrypt

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If you follow Adam Green (Hatchet 1 – Victory Crowley, Frozen), then you follow Arwen, his yorkshire terrier. This year, Adam Green’s will have an official Arwen plush up for sale. You can also add the promo code “arwendoll” to your shopping cart for 10% off your entire order (exclusions do apply).


Are you sitting down with Joe Bob Briggs + Shudder’s Dinners of Death marathon? As if it couldn’t get any better than that, Time Bomb Toys will release 20% off codes for different items during the first four movies. See tweet above for what items and which film the code will be available!


Starting 12:01AM EST Friday, Severin Films is offering 50% off the majority of their catalogue with the promo code BLACKGLOVE including their new Blu-Rays being released for Black Friday!


Vinegar Syndrome’s catalogue will be 50% off! Two special edition blu-rays will be released as well as a limited edition of Cutting Class and so much more over on their website!


If you make it out of reading this without purchasing something, you a strong, strong person. I’ve made plans for at least 5 things whilst writing it up. What sale do you plan on partaking? Did we miss a good horror store Black Friday sale? Let us know over on our Twitter or the Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook!

And remember, if you’re going out in the hellscape that is Black Friday, be safe and be careful!