Blomkamp Offers More Art From Lost ALIEN Project

For a while there, Neill Blomkamp was driving some degree of fan excitement for a new Alien project that would take place after 1986’s Aliens but retcon every Alien project that took place after that. A couple of things put a pin in those ambitions though, not the least of which was limited box office success for both Blomkamp and Alien. Still, it seems that Blomkamp can’t stop drawing Alien concept art, and he can’t stop teasing the internet by posting it. As a post-Christmas present, Blomkamp is offering two more peeks at what his Alien might have looked like.

Late on Boxing Day, Blomkamp shared a pair of new art pieces on his Instagram feed. One showed a xenomorph chasing a human though what looks like a ventilation shaft, which seems like a bit of an homage to scenes from both Alien and Aliens, with the creature stalking human prey in the bowels of a ship, or base.

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The second piece features what looks like a drop ship as seen in James Cameron’s Aliens, which we know from past art pieces was a big influence on Blomkamp’s ideas for his Alien film.

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So when will we finally be able to see this movie? Not so fast, because these images accompany no new announcement concerning Blomkamp’s Alien project. Peak interest in the project seemed to be prior to the release of Blomkamp’s last feature Chappie, which ended up bombing with both critics and fans. Ridley Scott, whose last film was the prequel Alien: Covenant, has previously said that Blomkamp’s film is unlikely to proceed as he had plans for several more Alien movies himself. The status of those projects, after Alien: Covenant itself hit the box office with a thud this past May, is unknown.

In other words, these are pretty pictures, and that’s about all. There’s no word on what story Blomkamp was going to pursue with the project, but it was going to bring back franchise star Sigourney Weaver as Ripley and Michael Biehn as his Aliens character Hicks. Blomkamp, for now, seems satisfied to continue working on his short film projects with Oats Studios, but in Hollywood you never know when that could change. Stay tuned.

Adam A. Donaldson

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