Welcome to Bloodstreams, where we take a look at what’s hitting your favorite streaming services this month! Here at Nightmare On Film Streetwe’re celebrating May as Enchantment Under the Sea Month. Get your dancing shoes on, or your pool flippers, and get ready to party like it’s 1955! For now, though, let’s see what choice cuts are streaming this month.


Back to the Future (1985)

I know what you’re thinking, “Back to the Future isn’t a horror movie”. True, but May’s Enchantment Under The Sea theme is pulled from the sci-fi classic, and there’s never a bad time to watch Cinema’s Coolest Dude, Marty McFly. Catch all the skateboard-skitching, time-traveling fretboard fireworks on Netflix May 1st.


Reckoning Season 1 (2020)

Being a father is tough, presumably. I assume it’s even harder when you’re a serial killer. This 10-episode miniseries explores the deep, dark recesses of the human mind. This is sure to be a delightful family drama! Watch it exclusively on Netflix May 1st.


Sinister (2012)


Ethan Hawke is a true crime writer who just moved his family into a house with a bloody history. Obviously, he doesn’t tell them that detail. He finds a bunch of snuff films on Super 8, but who (or what?) is the strange figure featuring in all these home movies? How does this one compare to its sequel? Solve these mysteries when Sinister lands on Netflix on May 1st.


The Underworld Franchise! (2003-2009)

Kate Beckinsale as Selene from Underworld aims a gun toward the viewer.

Sometimes, you just wanna see vampires and werewolves shoot guns at each other. Even better if the vampires have cool leather bodysuits. Kate Beckinsale leads this iconic action/horror/science fiction series. Make it a triple feature of the first three installments when they simultaneously hit Netflix on May 1st.


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Monster House (2006)

A haunted house? Please. This animated feature follows three kids who discover the neighbor’s whole house is a MONSTER. This is a good pick for those of you that are stuck inside with little monsters of your own and need to find something family-friendly. It moves into Hulu on May 1st.


Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)

Using a highly scientific formula and hundreds of hours of research, we can determine that Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter is the Friday the 13thiest film in the Friday the 13th franchise. If the series is ultimately all about horny drunk teenagers getting bodied by a mask-wearing psychopath, Part 4 delivers almost nothing but that. This is a pure, by-the-numbers 80s slasher, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Dance along with Crispin Glover on Hulu May 1st.


Into the Dark: Delivered (2020)

Mother’s Day may become MURDER’s Day in the latest installment of Blumhouse’s horror anthology series. Directed by Emma Tammi (2018’s The Wind), Delivered follows a pregnant woman in a terrifying situation. You can watch it all play out exclusively on Hulu on May 8th.

Hot at the Shop:



z movie 2019 brandon christensen

Kids are scary enough on their own (constant screaming, teeth just falling out sometimes, jam hands). It’s even worse when they start talking to a very creepy imaginary friend. This festival-favorite streams exclusively on Shudder May 7th.


Monstrum (2020)

A period piece starring Woo-Sik Choi (Train to Busan, last year’s mega-hit Parasite), Monstrum tells the story of a military general and his hunt for a mythical beast. Will he find the creature, and is it even real? This movie, set against the backdrop of the freakin’ plague, would be a good pick to stream during a global pandemic. You can catch it only on Shudder starting May 14th.


Blood Machines (2020)

A fifty-minute space opera about an artificial intelligence turning into a space ghost? Music by synth-wave icon Carpenter Brut?? Is it my birthday??? (Yes it is). Celebrate with me when this French freakout lands exclusively on Shudder on May 21st.


Confessional (2020)

A college campus sees two students die on the same night, and seven students find themselves in a secret confessional booth. A cast of accomplished television actors (credits include Days of Our LivesBlack-ishParty of Five, and Cobra Kai) bring the drama to life (and death?!). This story of blackmail, mystery, and dark secrets plays out in just the small space of the booth. Shudder’s exclusive premiere of this experimental film hits May 28th.

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