Bloodstreams! New Horror Streaming December 2017

Deck the halls with something gory! Fiends, it’s December. It’s the time of year for Gremlins and Krampus, for scary ghost stories and the second-most amount of candy in the year. If you want blood, I say, “Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow.” What new horror movies are available on all your favorite streaming services? Read on!




As the official streaming destination for horror fans, Shudder always has something exciting to check out. New flicks hitting Shudder this month include:
Sam Was Here: A door-to-door salesman is isolated from the world, his only contact being a local radio station. As time goes on, his mysterious circumstances get stranger and more sinister.

Another Evil: A couple discovers a ghost haunting their vacation home and call for an exorcist. Hijinks ensue in this horror comedy.



netflix dark series

With the recent news that the standard rate for Netflix subscribers would be going up in January, many viewers found themselves wondering whether or not it was worth continuing their subscriptions. The simple answer is, of course it is! Without Netflix, how would you scroll through your queue for half an hour trying to decide what movie to watch before settling on another rewatch of The Office, even though the last couple seasons are total disappointments?

Dark Season 1: This supernatural drama, set in Germany, focuses on four families and the ways in which their stories intertwine.

Erased: Look dude, I don’t know anything about anime. This one looks like a twisted time-travel story. If you like it, let me know.


Troma Now!

Unfortunately, the pickings are relatively slim for Troma Now! subscribers this month. While the extensive back catalog has a few holiday-centric movies, there are no new ones. There’s only one new film coming to Troma Now! that warrants a mention on a horror site.

Fangboner: This horror comedy follows Dick and Suzy, two unfortunate young adults that become infected with a mysterious disease. As a result, they must feast on the blood of victims’ crotches.

Man, wouldn’t Fangboner be an awesome band name? Anyway, those are the new releases streaming this month. What are you most excited for? Let us know!

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