Sound the sirens, horror fans! Universal is welcoming back The Horrors of Blumhouse for Halloween Horror Nights. These all-new haunted houses will feature some of the latest Blumhouse Productions films.

First up in the Orlando park, jump scare fans will be subjected to Happy Death DayEvent-goers will experience Tree’s death over and over at the hands of the Babyface Killer as they progress through each room. Will you get to glimpse the identity of her killer? Will you meet your demise at the end of his blade? You have to attend to find out!


Next, horror fans will witness the birth of The First Purge. Since crime is legal for twelve hours, attendees will attempt to survive the evening after humanity goes out the window. It’s every person for themselves as Purgers invade for acts of terror and violence.

According to the Orlando UHHN website,

In this haunted house, there is no escape.


If this year’s house is anything like last year’s Horrors of Blumhouse, it should be another assault on the senses. When I attended in 2017, The Horrors of Blumhouse included Sinister, The Purge, and Insidious. Not only did the trek through include a cacophony of nauseating noise, but there were strobing lights and jump scares galore. This year may only be sporting two films, but I think it will be enough to keep the tension high.

At Universal Studios Hollywood, prepare to be scaed at The Horrors of Blumhouse: Chapter 2 – where guests will “[e]nter the “Horrors of Blumhouse” film festival, where horror movies come to life. Pack your bags and get ready for the spring break trip of your nightmares. A group of college kids have unwittingly unleashed an ancient curse, forcing them to play a never-ending game of Truth or Darebut this time the rules are a little different; the stakes are life or death!

Next, enter the familiar world of cyberspace with Unfriended. A chatroom session amongst high school friends has turned into an endless night of terror! Exactly one year ago, fellow student, Laura Barns, committed suicide as a result of cyberbullying. When an unknown user assumes control over Laura’s online account, the group of friends attempt to expose the infiltrator’s true identity—forcing them to face their darkest secrets and lies. Soon they realize, this is no ordinary hacker. Let’s hope you make it out of cyberspace alive…”


Are you eager to be chased by the Babyface Killer like a birthday girl in college? Looking forward to the first wave of Purgers making you run for your life? Tickets are on sale now for select nights at the Orlando and Hollywood parks from mid-September through early November. Tell us what you are most eager to see and scream at during Halloween Horror Nights in the comments below. Or visit us on Facebook and join the FIEND CLUB group!