If there’s one thing horror movies have taught us it’s that things that look dead can be more alive than you’d expect. So, it’s no surprise to hear that Scream and Hellraiser, two of the most well-known horror franchises, could have more life in them than meets the eye.


In an interview with Cinemablend, Jason Blum (CEO of Blumhouse Productions), talked about the possibility of bringing new life into both franchises.

“Yes, we definitely have discussed it. We’re looking, there’s nothing happening with either of those things, but we’re definitely looking at it, it’s definitely something I’d be open to,”


While it’s exciting news to hear, it’s also basically nothing more than a rumor. However, Scream and Hellraiser are such well-known and beloved properties by both horror lovers and general audiences that it’s inevitable that they’d make a comeback. Not only that, but when considering the smash success of Halloween (2018) it’s even more of a possibility that this could happen sooner than later.

When taking a closer look at it, both of these franchises are far bigger than they look on the surface – which gives plenty of material to pull from for future installments. The Hellraiser franchise itself has ten movies, the most recent being Hellraiser: Judgment (2018), dozens of comics, and several books. The only thing it’s missing really is a television series, which speaking of, along with its four movies, Scream has its own unjustly underrated MTV series that so far has two seasons with a third in production.

Even though both franchises last installments have actually been fairly recent, they haven’t been necessarily well-known or popular except to probably fans of them. Fortunately, Blumhouse specializes in making hugely popular horror films on a low budget, which is exactly what these franchises need. If the production cost and box office gross of Halloween (2018) shows us anything, it’s that audiences are more than happy to line up to watch some good old fashion over-the-top murder sprees.

With any hope, if this rumor turns into a reality the new installments will follow in the wonderfully bloody footprints of Halloween (2018). What do you guys think though, would you be excited to see these two series make a comeback or do you think they’re just better off where they are? Head on down to our official Twitter, Reddit, or Facebook group to let us know!


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