The remake/reboot/retcon of Halloween was a huge hit last year, raking in over $250 million on a budget of just $10 million. It should come as no surprise that Blumhouse wants to do what they can to recapture that success, so a sequel seemed inevitable. Today, Collider announced that Blumhouse has taken one step closer to bringing a Halloween sequel to the screen by targeting Scott Teems to write the screenplay.

Teems doesn’t have a ton of experience on horror, but he has quickly become one of Blumhouse’s favorite writers: he recently adapted two Stephen King projects for the company. Firestarter is supposedly coming sometime late this year or in 2020, and an adaptation of the King novella The Breathing Method is due out in 2020. Teems already wrote the treatment for the Halloween sequel, and it is well-liked around the company.


Teems has also done some work as a producer for television, working on the shows Rectify and Narcos: Mexico. He also wrote some of the episodes for both of those series.

[Spoilers for 2018’s Halloween ahead!]

There is no other word on whether some of the other key players will be returning in (what we assume will be called) Halloween 2. It seems doubtful a logical sequel could work without the three generations of Strode women: Laurie, Karen, and Allyson (played by Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, and Andi Matichak, respectively), who all survived the first film. A huge amount of the first film’s success was also due to the writing of Jeff Fradley, Danny McBride, and David Gordon Green (who also directed), so it would also be nice to see them back in some way for the sequel.

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We quite liked 2018’s Halloween, even if it did not bring a ton of originality to the table. Hopefully the upcoming sequel (which will most likely be due out around October 31, 2020) can pick up right where it left off.  For the latest on the film and all horror news, check out our Twitter, the official NOFS subreddit, and our Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook.