The perfect summer combo – punk music, a masked serial killer, and a long hot night. Boogeyman Pop’s new teaser trailer has been released and it’s a slamming good time.

Boogeyman Pop is the new independent anthology horror film that will be released by Blumhouse Productions to the general public. It had its original premier at Cinepocalypse Film Festival on June 23rd.

It was filmed back in 2015 and helped to be funded through an Indiegogo campaign. The film took three years to make on a budget of $100K.

It is written, edited, and directed by Brad Michael Elmore. Boogeyman Pop stars James Paxton, M.C. Gainey, Dominique Booth, Greg Hill, Dillon Lane, Kyle Cameron and Alixandra von Renner. James Paxton is the son of beloved actor, Bill Paxton.

Hot at the Shop:

Hot at the Shop:



Though trailer doesn’t show us much in terms of the story, we know it involves a masked killer wielding a bat. It weaves in between three interlocking stories. All with a very punk rock, black magic kind of vibe. There’s lots of loud music, party scenes, flashes, and blood. Set in a pacific northwest town on the first night of summer break, the three stories surround a rowdy punk rock show and the weekend.

Brad Michael Elmore calls it a “punk rock epic coming-of-age teen drama”. It will examine adolescent life through a horror lens filled with trash culture tropes. He describes it as Halloween meets The Virgin Suicides. Elmore’s first film was The Wolfman’s Hammer, a short film that you can watch for free on youtube. This will be his first full length big horror film.

Boogeyman Pop Synopsis:

Boogeyman Pop is a coming-of-age teen drama ensemble that examines adolescent life through a genre lens with a tinge of trash culture tropes.


Boogeyman Pop looks to be a labor of love from a horror fan who wants to make his mark on the horror genre. No word yet on when the film will be released to the general public! But keep your eyes peeled for this punk rock bloody anthology. Share your thoughts in the comment below, or join us over in our Facebook Group!

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