Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever come in contact with the unexplainable? Do you wake up at night because you can sense a presence standing over your bed? Or do you have a great aunt who claims that her long-deceased husband still roams the halls at night looking for a midnight snack? Whether you’re a skeptic or your family owns manor house that  sits vacant on a foreboding hill, feared by all that have dared step foot inside, you cannot deny that ghost stories are scary. Some of our earliest (spookiest) folk tales concern the dead communicating with the living to warn them of danger, or to seek revenge for a wrongful death. Heck, even Shakespeare used ghosts! Fads come and go but humanity’s obsession with the spirit world is eternal.

We are all haunted in one way or another. We are plagued by visions of the past, tormented by the memory of friends and loved ones that we have lost, cursed by time’s arrow to live life with the pain of regret. Heck, I bet if you close and eyes and concentrate really hard, you can find a childhood memory of being scared by a horror movie. And I bet that same feeling, even if only or just a second, comes rushing back when you revisit that same scary movie as an adult. What is that? Is that nothing more than recollections? Or is that communication between you and the spirit of something that has long since past, reaching out from the beyond.


the uninvited


We don’t need to ever see a ghost to understand the desire to have one last opportunity to speak with some we unexpectedly lost, or to yearn for some sense of what awaits us after we die. Ghost stories, for the believer and non-believer alike, are how we process the unknown. Death awaits us all and we can either come to terms with the fear of that inevitably or find comfort in the idea that we go on. Haunted house movies explore those complicated ideas and help us to shape our own personal beliefs about the mysteries of life. They also happen to be super scary which is a huge bonus if you’re looking to scare the pants off of your friends at a sleepover.


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