It might still be the height of summer, but that will never deter a Halloween-obsessed fiend! After all, when Halloween is every day, it’s never too early to start prepping for the real deal. Luckily, Lemax and Michael’s have our backs with the new Spooky Town miniatures collection.

The annual debut of the latest addition to Spooky Town is upon us, and it does not disappoint! The new trailer takes collectors on a tour of Spooky Town, and the animatronic miniatures are delightfully detailed. According to Lemax, “2018 is sure to be the scariest year yet for Spooky Town, with the addition of the Ghost Around thrill ride, the creepy Mad Pumpkin Patch, and the deadly Crypt Casino. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!”


To start, there’s a countdown to Halloween on the entrance gate, something any horror fan will find good use for. In the town itself, there’s a creepy carnival with a “Ghost Around” tilt-o-whirl and “Eerie-Go-Round” carousel.

New buildings include a “Reaper Motorcycle Company,” and the “Broken Skull Bar” where ghouls craving frightening libations can get their fix. The “Crypt Casino” looks to be the perfect spot to literally gamble away your life. And the “Shivering Pines Cabin,” currently under zombie attack, is just dripping with Cabin in the Woods vibes. And if you want to make Spooky Town your home, there’s even the “Hallowgraves Manor,” with a for sale sign and open house to boot!

So if you ever watched Nightmare Before Christmas on repeat or ever had a guilty pleasure love of Disney Channel’s Halloweentown (we see you and we understand), then you can finally bring your own Spooky Town home with you.

The new Lemax collection is a Michael’s exclusive, so crafty creeps can snag the new items in-store and online today! And no one will judge if you set up your Spooky Town in August.

lemax spooky town collection halloween 2018