There are countless reasons why you’ll want to stock up on a good ugly sweater or two for the holidays. Between ugly sweater parties, office events, and family gatherings, these staples have no doubt become a center of holiday fun everywhere you look. But among a sea of Santas, snowmen, and reindeer, how can you stand out and show off your horror fiend pride?

Thankfully, Middle of Beyond has stepped up for horror fans with an ugly sweater party invite on their calendars. Their collection of horror themed sweaters is wonderfully spooky, and proves you can keep the creepy alive all year round.

Horror fans in search of a subtle nod to their favorite film can rock the A Nightmare on Elm Street Sweater, available in two versions. These striped sweaters will grant you a resemblance to a favorite undead slasher icon. And who doesn’t want to bring a little nightmare to all the Christmas dreams?


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If you’re more of a Jason or Michael Meyers fan, Middle of Beyond has you covered. They’ve got Friday the 13th and Halloween sweaters that feature the masks of both iconic killers. Who says you can’t wear a sweater that says “Halloween” to a Christmas party?

middle of beyond horror christmas sweaters

But even if you’re feeling the festive spirit, that doesn’t mean you need to give up your horror love. Those more interested in paying tribute to yuletide horror favorites can go for the fantastic Gremlins and Krampus designs. Both have a traditional seasonal look all while celebrating the scary side of the holidays.

middle of beyond horror christmas sweaters

And if you’d like some more general creepy designs, Middle of Beyond has you covered. There are Zombie Santa, Zombie Snowman, and folkloric Krampus designs to choose from.

middle of beyond horror christmas sweaters

It’s not too hard for horror fans to find ways to keep things creepy all the year. But the scary side of the Christmas season isn’t always very apparent. Thankfully, with designs like these, it’s easy for fiends to remember that it doesn’t need to be Halloween to be the spookiest time of year!