The third edition of the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival is bigger and badder than ever before! Now that its second and final wave of films has been announced, horror fans on the East Coast will want to start marking their calendars. The latest wave includes announcements of new shorts blocks, and, for all you alcoholic filmgoers out there, Drunk Education and a drinking-game night! To see the what was announced in the first round, go here.

Of the newly announced features, there’s the world premiere of Welcome to Mercy, a religious horror film with a retro spin. From the UK, comes psychological puppet horror Possum, and In Fabric, a tale about a cursed dress. To add to growing number of international titles, there’s Ghost Mask: Scar from South Korea, and Party Hard, Die Young from Austria, a slasher for the millennial age. Not to be outdone, from the good ol’ US of A, there’s Western horror The Wind, cosmic centerpiece film Starfish, The Clovehitch Killer (featuring Charlie Plummer and Dylan McDermott) and a restored screening of 80s slasher Blood Harvest. And for the first time ever, a super secret screening that will have badgeholders scratching their heads until the big reveal.


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The festival programmers are pleased to present a variety of short blocks, curated under different themes. First, there’s Home Invasion (originally named Local’s Only), featuring work from Brooklyn’s finest up-and-coming filmmakers, including a screening of the feature-length techno-thriller Empathy, Inc. Making its return with a new block of terrifying shorts is Nightmare Fuel, for only the bravest of viewers. If you are sick of jump scares and prefer the feeling of overdrawn fear, then there’s Creeping Terror. But if you like to laugh and scream, then check out Laugh Now, Die Later, a series of horror-comedy shorts. Those who wish to see the horror genre subverted and twisted, might I suggest Head Trip (pictured above), or Slayed: LGBT Horror Shorts.


BHFF_0002_Laugh Now Die Later

Still from Laugh Now, Die Later


As previously mentioned, there will be a Drunk Education (it’s like a TED Talk, but with more booze) lecture on Bad Religion, where the tropes of religious horror will be debated among writers and producers. If you haven’t seen Return of the Living Dead while getting absolutely hammered, now’s your chance with Drinking With the Dread. Podcast fans will be flocking to a live taping of Spirits, a podcast centered on urban legends and cryptid monsters.

The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival will take place from October 11th to the 18th. For more details, scheduling and ticket purchasing, go to the BHFF website. Individual tickets will be available as of Monday, September 10th.


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