Proving that you can’t keep a perfectly shaped chin down, Bruce Campbell is set to return to our TV screens as the host of The Travel Channel’s reincarnation of Ripley’s Believe or Not! Campbell will guide us throughout the world’s “awe-inspiring talents, unusual objects, strange phenomena and mind-boggling feats.”

This reboot will honor the legacy of Robert Ripley, who set out to discover the world’s spectacular humans and oddities nearly 100 years ago. Ripley host the first Believe It or Not! which premiered back in 1949. Other variations of the Believe It or Not! staple were done from 1982 to 1986 with revolving hosts Jack Palance, Catherine Shirriff, Holly Palance, and Marie Osmond. A 2000 from 2003 Believe It or Not! found Dean Cain as the host.


Premiering Sunday, June 9th at 9 p.m., Bruce Campbell will have his turn. Within the 10-episode season, Campbell will be hosting from the primo location of Ripley’s Warehouse, which is located in Orlando, Florida. According to Campbell, filming the show within the warehouse was an incredible experience.

Shooting this iconic series in the Ripley’s warehouse was actually unbelievable. I was blown away by the treasures that unveil a fascinating time capsule into the past and present. Fans are not going to be disappointed when they see the scope of wonderful and weird stories we reveal every week.”


The season premiere, titled Natural Born Thrillers, will feature spectacular oddities such as the “Master of Pain,” Twisty Troy aka “the human pretzel,” and Tyler Scheuer, who can balance any thing of any size on his chin. Hopes for one or two “chin envy” jokes to be thrown in during Scheuer’s segment.

Check out the synopsis for the following three episodes!

Invisible Worlds
Airs Sunday, June 16 at 9 p.m.

We rely on our vision for up to 80 percent of the information we take in, and yet there are “Invisible Worlds” around us, hidden in plain sight. Host Bruce Campbell takes us on a wild trip into the unseen where we meet Vic Invades, a New York photographer and urban explorer, who climbs skyscrapers to walk in the clouds – and capture a bird’s eye view of the city. In Louisiana, a family of stuntmen create an illusion using explosives that requires split-second timing to avert death. In California, the rock band “OK Go” films their latest music video in only 4.3 seconds, but has it slowed down 20,000 percent to make the video last over three minutes, revealing moments invisible to the naked eye. In Colorado, Michael Grab can feel vibrations within rocks, allowing him to balance the rocks in impossible towers and sculptures with “gravity glue.”



Airs Sunday, June 23 at 9 p.m.

Host Bruce Campbell celebrates the “Showstoppers” – the folks who produce unbelievable spectacles through their daring skill and years of practice. The Lords of Lightning, three British lads channeling electricity through tesla coils, fling millions of volts of electricity at each other as they duel. Domino master Lily Hevish creates a thank you to her million-plus social media followers with her most difficult challenge ever – 39,000 dominoes that must all fall perfectly to succeed. In California, Michael Gump is many things – father, prop manager and a man of many faces – employing his prop-making background to create over a thousand unique and fascinating facial disguises. In Illinois, we meet April Choi, a woman who uses her engineering background in fluid dynamics to master the art of whipping. In the episode she’ll attempt her most daring feat yet – wrapping herself in her own whip – while it’s set on fire.


Forces of Nature
Airs Sunday, June 30 at 9 p.m.

Host Bruce Campbell introduces us to people “Beyond Nature” – individuals who live lives that seem unreal or accomplish feats so crazy they seem like fiction. In Boston, we meet John “Hammerhead” Ferraro, whose head doubles as a hammer. Ferraro can break wood planks and hammer nails … all with his forehead. In Texas, Luis Slayton connects with honeybees on an emotional level. He’s able to tend to his hives without even wearing a suit. In the episode, he takes his obsession even further as he completely covers his face with bees. In Mexico, Chuy the “Wolfman” and his family are some of only a handful of people on the planet who live with hypertrichosis – a condition that causes hair to grow everywhere, covering even their face. Back in America, we visit Ayanna Williams in Houston, who holds the world-record for being the woman with the longest nails on earth. With nails over 25 inches long, Williams shows us her unique and challenging daily life. The episode premieres Sunday, June 30 at 9 p.m.


Prep yourself for strange beings and spectacular occurrences when Bruce says his first “Believe it or not!” on June 9th! Are you excited about this, fiends? Do we have any readers with a trait that Campbell would find downright amazing? Let us know over on Twitter, reddit, and The Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook.