WARNING! Scary clowns are taking over Burger King on Halloween Night. And, they’re getting free Whoppers! To anyone who doesn’t feel a tinge of excitement about Whopper-munching clowns, you should probably enjoy your All Hallows’ dinner elsewhere. However, if you’re a frequent visitor of our site, odds are you don’t mind the occasional blood-soaked clown. In this case, get ready for clown’s aplenty on Burger King’s Scary Clown Night.

It’s funny, just last year Clown Panic struck fear in the hearts of people across the country with many mysterious clown sightings. But it seems America has made peace with the creepy clown, first with the smash-success of It (2017) and now with fast food chains. Earlier, Burger King posted a video on their YouTube channel announcing this special Halloween event. The video shows a young man being stalked by clowns until he enters a Burger King. Here, he runs into a clown not-so-vaguely resembling Ronald McDonald who says “I want my Whopper.” This is an obvious trolling of McDonalds on Burger King’s part, but we love it!


If you agree, then put on your best scary clown getup and get in line at Burger King on October 31st, between 7 PM and closing to claim your free Whopper!

It should be noted, however, that Scary Clown Night is only happening at participating locations. These locations are in Miami, Boston, L.A., Austin and Salt Lake City. Also, free Whoppers are limited to the first 300 scary clowns who arrive, so get there early! On the other hand, if you don’t get to Burger King in time to claim your free burger, don’t be a sad clown. At least you can enjoy a purchased meal with other kindred spirits. Scary clown spirits, that is.

Don’t forget to share your spooky costumes on social media by tagging @BurgerKing with #ScaryClownNight.

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