Although they still happen, fast food tie-ins for big movies and TV shows aren’t really that big a deal anymore. That’s really more of an 80s thing, you might say. Speaking of tie-ins, and speaking of the 80s, Burger King is looking to shake all of that up with a new Whopper meal combo that pays homage to Stranger Things, the massive Netflix hit that will soon return for its third season. So what’s on the menu? Nostalgia packaging, and the Upside Down Whopper.

As reported by CNN Business, Burger Kings in the U.S. will soon be selling the Upside Down Whopper, which is exactly as it sounds, a regular Whopper but turned over with the bottom bun on top. Of course, this is a tribute to the “Upside Down” in Stranger Things, the alternative realm where all the monsters come from on the Netflix series. The “Upside Down” is a parallel world that looks similar to ours, but is dark, and gloomy, and slimy. Not exactly the image you want to sell for your restaurant, but hey!


Now, you can probably go to Burger King and get an Upside Down Whopper now with a little DIY magic, but what you won’t get is the nostalgia packaging. Burger King is also bringing back the same packaging they had in the mid-80s when you get that fries and soda. Emblazoned on the cup is the old school logos for Burger King, and Coke as well as Stranger Things, just to remind you to watch the new season (as if you needed a reminder).

Of course, this isn’t the only food tie-in for Stranger Things season 3. Coca-Cola previously announced that they’re bringing back New Coke, the much-derided re-formulation of the soft drink that was first released in 1985, the year that the new season of Stranger Things takes place. Between this, and Crystal Pepsi coming back for the 90s-set Captain Marvel, it’s been quite the Renaissance for discontinued soda pop.

The new season of Stranger Things arrives on Netflix in its entirety on July 4th, but there’s no word if the Upside Down Whopper will be available at Burger Kings outside the U.S. In the meantime, tell us how you like you’re Whopper on Twitter, on the official NOFS Reddit, or The Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook!


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