You know, weird food is a Halloween perk we don’t oft think of – but when they come, boy are they nifty. Like last year’s Zombie Frappucino from Starbucks; a barf inducing cotton-candy pink and slime green concoction served up for a limited time to Pumpkin Spice latte regulars. Well move over frappers, there’s a new Halloween beverage taking the fast food world by storm this October – ‘Scary Black Cherry’ Slushies from Burger King.

But in true Halloween fashion, these treats come with a trick of their own – they turn your mouth black.




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The spooky slush will be available until November 12th, and are only $1 each. That’s not scary, that’s sweet. Made by Fanta, brewers of other sugary, carbonated classics – this black slush is Black Cherry flavored, so no black licorice surprises here. And, while users are taking to the internet to share photos of their carbon-colored tongues, some have reported black teeth, gums, and well… ahem.. poop. It’s the Halloween surprise that keeps on giving, I guess?

While you’re drinking your sinister slush, you can get extra festive this Halloween by watching one of the Halloween Specials streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Shudder! We also made a nifty marathon of 31+ horror movies to marathon this October called 31 Days of Halloween that might be right up your alley! And lastly, check out AMC’s Fear Fest, Freeform’s Halloween Programming, and Turner Classic Movies’ amazing line-up! I know – right? Our Halloween cup runnith over.

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Want to get your hands on a Scary Black Cherry slush? They’re available for a limited time at participating Burger King restaurants. Tweet us a photo of your tongue if you get one. We wanna see how gross.

Let’s end with a promo from the Simpson’s back in 2015 when the Scary Black Cherry slush was first released: