The first official trailer for horror-comedy, Butcher the Bakers, has been released. In the tradition of Shaun of the Dead and Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, Butcher the Bakers combines humor and scares in this promising first look.


The synopsis, according to IMDB:

Recently fired, a grim reaper terrorizes a small town, killing and collecting souls for a purpose only he knows. Sam and Martin, slackers who work at the local bakery, are hired by a mysterious stranger to stop him from killing again.

The film stars Sean Walsh (Grace’s Room) as Sam and Ryan Matthew Ziegler (also of Grace’s Room) as Martin. Walsh and Ziegler are favorites (and friends) of the film’s director Tyler Amm. Amm also co-wrote the film with Virginia Campbell.


“Death Must Die” in Butcher the Bakers

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In an interview with Pop Horror, director Tyler Amm had this to say about the inspiration behind the film:

I had written a script that included the premise of death gone rogue, but the main plot behind it was far different than what Butcher became. It was more of a slasher, and upon sharing it with my production team, they helped me realize that, while it had potential, it wasn’t utilizing the death dynamic as strongly as it could. I went back with my writing partner and took the primary elements of the first draft and essentially rewrote the whole film. The result is something of a mix between BILL & TED and HELLRAISER.

Made for an estimated (and meager) $15,000 by Hometown Hero Productions, Butcher the Bakers has been the focus of limited screenings across the United States. Hometown Hero’s films have recently been picked up for distribution by Dark Cuts & Petri Entertainment.

Butcher the Bakers will be available on iTunes, Google Play, and various other digital platforms on January 16th.