CarousHELL tells the tale of a pissed off animal caricature, Duke the unicorn, from the nostalgic carnival ride who is tired of being treated like crap. Duke‘s last straw is having a booger wiped in his eye. No worries! He won’t let the booger wiper get far before he is brought to life, and goes on a trek to destroy the kid. From there on, Duke attacks in gruesome and insane ways. It looks like they aren’t all unicorn horn gouging, either! And the gore on display! 100% practical!

The film was independently released back in 2016 through Silver Spotlight Films, Rudzinski’s own label. Breathing extra life into Duke the Unicorn will be Wide Eye Releasing, who plans to have a physical and digital release sometime in 2019. Wild Eye Releasing’s recent horror fare includes The Jurassic Dead, The Ouija Possession, and Tsunambee (I kid you, not).


There are times when we horror fans are treated to films that have completely outlandish premises. This is one of those times.

Holy. Crap. CarousHELL comes from the mind of director Steven Rudzinski (Red Christmas, Everyone Must Die!), and was cowritten by Aleen Isley. Duke, the unicorn caricature from a carousel, doesn’t just come alive to slash his way through a group of party goers. Oh no. He also talks as he stalks. Didn’t see that in the trailer above? Peek the trailer, below, which comes from Rudzinski’s official Youtube.

CarousHELL has me pumped! It looks to be a insane, gory ride that will require absolutely no brain functions to watch. Sometimes, that is just what horror needs. Plus, we haven’t seen a unicorn in action since 2011’s Cabin in the Woods, and that was just a single scene. Duke will be in action the entire film!

Keep an eye out for release date updates for CarousHELL as we head into 2019!