Krampus is giving horror gamers some early Christmas gifts. Tripwire’s Killing Floor 2 has brought some seasonal scares to the scifi/horror shooter, with the Killing Floor 2: Krampus Christmas Seasonal Update. Check out the trailer for the update, available for free now December 12th through January 9th, 2018.


To horror fans, it seems like Christmas has been taken over by Krampus lately. The demonic entity of German yuletide folklore has exploded in popularity among those who like to celebrate the darker side of the season. And it sounds like the Killing Floor 2 update will not disappoint fans of the horned anti-Santa.

The update includes:

  • NEW MAP “KRAMPUS LAIR” & ACHIEVEMENTS —  Pay Krampus’ cozy lair a visit in this new Holdout map and collect five new achievements.
  • NEW BOSS & ZED APPEARANCES —  Meet Krampus himself and his merry gang of elves and monsters. Previously teased in a developer update, Krampus will return as a new and permanent addition to KILLING FLOOR 2’s growing zed army – and will be known as the “Abomination.”
  • NEW WEAPONS — Freeze Thrower: Available for the first time following its timed-exclusive for Xbox One players, the Freeze Thrower brings even the most hot-blooded zed to a standstill. • UMP SMG: Delivering the latest in dead-zed technology, this new submachine gun will help keep the hordes at bay.
  • NEW EVENT OBJECTIVES — Complete new event objectives and win prizes available for a limited time.
  • NEW SEASONAL COSMETICS & UNIFORM — Collect new Christmas-themed cosmetics and a new character uniform.
  • NEW DOSH VAULT ITEMS— The Vault has been stocked with additional cosmetics, character skins and weapon skins.
  • NEW CHARACTER UNIFORMS & COSMETICS — The Wasteland Uniform is now available, as well as a brand new set of Pajamas and cosmetics.

It all sounds like a horror gamers holiday dream come true! After all, what other than a little blood and Krampus to make a creepy Christmas even merrier?