Just in time for Halloween, SYFY swings Channel Zero: The Dream Door open wide with new key art poster for the fourth installment of their Creepypasta horror anthology series. The first episode will be airing on October 26th on SYFY. Episodes will continue each night after that, with final episode airing on Halloween night!

The ratings have been kind as the viewership for Channel Zero thrives, each season continuing to reach out its morbid tendrils from its humble origins. Drummed up from the depths of Creepypasta, The Dream Door is based on Charlotte Bywater’s short tale Hidden Door. The story follows a newlywed couple, Jillian and Tom. Their relationships foundation is built on secrets and after they discover a strange door in their basement, those secrets become a threat not only to their relationship but their lives. Channel Zero: The Dream Door was directed by Evan Katz (Cheap Thrills) with the return of Nick Antosca (Hannibal) filling in his old shoes as executive producer, writer, and showrunner for this season’s upcoming installment.


This new season of Channel Zero: The Dream Door brings us horror icon Barbara Crampton (Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich) as Vanessa Moss. Returning we have Brandon Scott (Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block) as Tom Hodgson. Maria Sten (Straight Outta Compton) as Jillian, TV actor Steven Robertson (Elementary) and last but not least the prolific Steven Weber (Ballers) who is no stranger to horror and fantasy shows – from Tales From The Crypt to playing Jack Torrance in The Shining(1997).

Previous seasons of the series in order are Channel Zero: Candle Cove 2016, Channel Zero: The No-End House 2017, and Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block 2018. Candle Cove is currently available to stream on Horror Platform Shudder, with No-End House hitting the site later this month, and Butcher’s Block in October.

Channel Zero: The Dream Door will premiere on SYFY October 26th.


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