Can winter be over already? I think it’s time we just move on to spring. Spring is such a time for renewal and getting back to things we’ve all been procrastinating during winter. For most of us who either rent or own our homes, whether that be a house or apartment, we know there is plenty to do come Springtime. The most important thing on that to-do list –  the smoke detector.  We all watch horror movies, we all know. House fires happen, for all sorts of reasons – sometimes even supernatural! (Work with us, here.)

So – while you’re changing your clocks this weekend, don’t forget to pick up a fresh pack of AA’s to ensure your smoke detector is up to par – and let’s check out some films where it clearly was not.


5. Halloween (2018)

Halloween-movie 2018

If you saw last year’s Halloween you know that was one hell of a house fire at the end. That all-consuming type of fire. Of course this one was intentionally set but still, there is an important lesson here when it comes to home maintenance. Be aware of gas leaks! Laurie Strode has rigged her entire house to blow, trapping Michael inside. I’m sure if Michael had taken the right precautions he would’ve come to the conclusion that the entire house was a fire hazard and simply just left rather than venture into the basement and be consumed by flames. I mean there were gas pipes (open-ended I might add) all over that house. 


4. Suspiria (1977)

suspiria house fire

Okay so this one isn’t technically just a house, but the Tanz Dance Academy definitely could have benefited from having a good old-fashioned smoke detector, and people did live there, so I’m including it. After Suzy kills Helena Markos, she escapes the academy. As she is leaving the building’s windows shatter as flames come pouring out. All of the witches inside presumably die. Thankfully, none of the students are there at the time, but I mean that’s like where they all live, and where all of their belongings were. Probably could’ve been avoided if the right precautions were taken. Just saying.


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3. The Changeling (1980)

the changeling george c scott 1980 horror

Once again, we have a supernatural being deciding a house would be much better up in flames. After ultimately not getting the justice or revenge he wants,Joseph, the child ghost of the Chessman House, decides to light the house up magically. The fire clearly starts up in Joseph’s old room, which is basically the attic, and travels down the banister. If the fire started up in Joseph’s room there would clearly have been smoke and if there was an alarm, John would’ve been warned and most likely wouldn’t have ventured up the stairs, you know, towards the fire.


2. House of Usher (1960)

fall house of usher 1960

Based on the Edgar Allan Poe short story “The Fall of the House of Usher”, this Roger Corman and Vincent Price collaboration focuses on the crumbling of the Usher family. The only remaining Ushers, Roderick and Madeline, represent the end of an old bloodline that Roderick cannot bear to let die. The family home is also crumbling along with the family. By the end of the film, Roderick and Madeline have set their sights to kill each other and the house decides to join them. Burning coals fall from the fireplace and the house begins to burn. By the end of the film not only is the name of Usher forever lost, there is no longer any trace of them as the house has been burnt to the ground, with both of them inside.


1. Annabelle (2014)

annabelle 2014 fire

In 2014’s Annabelle, the lovely Mr. and Mrs. Form lose their home in a tragic fire and are forced to move into a creepy apartment building. That of course is when Annabelle really starts acting up. And all of that could have been easily avoided if the Forms just had a smoke detector in their small 1960’s home.


In what could be described as the Great Jiffy Pop Fire of 1967, Mia Form is completely unaware of the fire starting in her kitchen. While the demonic spirit in the house has fun turning all the stove burners on high, Mia is blissfully sewing away. The burners are now glowing red and the popcorn is smoking.. By the time Mia finally notices that there may be an off smell, there is literally a full-on raging inferno with half of the kitchen up in flames.

Mia really didn’t notice a single thing until half of her kitchen was burning. But if there was a smoke detector this could definitely have been prevented. Bad Annabelle, bad!


So make sure you check those smoke detectors, make sure to sniff out those pesky gas leaks, and always have a fire extinguisher handy. What terrifying movies help remind you to stay on top of fire safety? Let us know on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and in the Horror Fiends of Nightmare on Film Street Facebook group!